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Show recap: MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser #2 at Czar, 2.1.13

Show recap: MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser #2 at Czar, 2.1.13

(All photos by Randy Pace)

The night was gently prodded into motion by the serene sounds of Eyelit. This more Civil-Wars-than-The-Civil-Wars duo skillfully bounced from tender folk ballad to ballad, much to the delight of the already large crowd. Backed by a group of varied instrumentalists, the songs were at their best when allowed to become luxuriant and a little more upbeat, while at the same time not detracting from the lovely simplicity of Dansare and Austin Mark’s constantly harmonized vocals.

Jorge Arana Trio took the stage next. Shaming damn near every musician in the building, they tore through a compact and lively set of jazzy math rock (amongst many, many other descriptors I could have used). The band’s sound was playful and neurotic, often shifting from genre to genre with no remorse. Possibly most impressive was the trio’s ability to fuse all of these influences and sounds into a set of songs that was cohesive and impactful.
Next up was David George and A Crooked Mile. Despite being added to the bill at near the last minute, DG&ACM was able to put together a solid show that thoroughly pleased the full bar. Fronted by the namesake himself (who also has this little side job of playing guitar for John Fogerty), the band brought a brisk set of good old folk-country tinged rock ‘n roll. George’s tender, yet commanding vocals were the perfect counterpart the instrumentation beneath, provided by a concrete band of KC veterans. From the stripped-down acoustic moments to the lush and thumping strains, this band proved to be in full control of their sound.
The Latenight Callers finished up the evening with their customary blend of noir pop. Truly a growing and unique force in the KC music scene, they kept the crowd grooving and drooling with a sexy sound all their own. Ms. Julie was on her game this evening (but then again, when is she ever not?), teasing the crowd with overtly sensual vocal stylings. However, the band was plenty able to keep pace with her entertainment value, delivering blow after blow of well-orchestrated build ups and break downs. Even technical difficulties couldn’t stop The Latenight Callers on this night (kudos to the ginger superhero who shall remain nameless for having an amp in his car).
Overall, this night showcased the vast versatility of our scene. Countless kudos to all the bands that played and the fine folks at Midwest Music Foundation/MidCoast Takeover for putting together something that we can all be super proud of.
(Video by Nate Heavilin)
Don’t miss the fourth fundraiser for MidCoast Takeover, this Saturday, February 16, at The Brick. The lineup will include Rev Gusto, Cherokee Rock Rifle, David Hasselhoff on Acid and Not A Planet. Facebook event page here.

--Zach Hodson


Zach Hodson is a monster. He once stole a grilled cheese sandwich from a 4-year-old girl at her birthday party. He will only juggle if you pay him. I hear he punched Slimer right in his fat, green face. He knows the secrets to free energy, but refuses to release them until "Saved by the Bell: Fortysomethings" begins production.

He is also in Dolls on Fire and Drew Black & Dirty Electric, as well as contributing to various other Kansas City-based music, comedy, and art projects.


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