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The Deli Philly's January Record of the Month: True Gold - True Gold

The Deli Philly's January Record of the Month: True Gold - True Gold

South Philly shoegazers True Gold turn up the fuzz with their debut self-titled LP. Opening with “Final Fantasies,” the album’s first is an atmospheric anthem amplified by subtle orchestration. Bringing to mind early cuts by Mogwai, the band’s buzzing riffs bend and echo with cinematic reverb as the track evolves, increasing its emotive weight and precision. A plausible yet refined throwback to acts like Pavement or Built to Spill, True Gold’s vocals in the track are equal parts brooding and earnest. Failing to feel rushed or forced, their opener cultivates catharsis in its listener while serving as a flawless start to their full-length album. 

“Undulate” is initially subdued later sounding out with meticulous melody and percussion, prefaced by intentional repetition that expands as the song progresses. By the two-minute mark, it thrives with vocal harmonies that rest beneath the crest of crashing cymbals and driving riffs that rise and fall with finesse. The track’s instrumentation seems to possess diction of its own as “Undulate” slips into “Straight Cruising.” Catchy with a memorable bass line, “Straight Cruising” ignites at a brisker pace than prior tracks. Despite its quickened tempo, True Gold’s third song proves impressive, holding its listener captive by the hypnotic harmony of its latter riffs. 

Like a psychedelic fever dream, “Poor Sentence 1” swirls from start to finish. Echoed vocals reverberate alongside trippy riffs and beats that accelerate into a plea of wanting, demanding “Do what you please, now.” Seamlessly easing into its heavier darker counterpart, “Poor Sentence 2,” the track fuzzes into a haunting aftermath. Vocally minimal, “Poor Sentence 2” showcases True Gold’s instrumental psych-rock chops, standing testament to their versatility and skill.
Before losing one’s self in the beautiful bittersweet chaos of “Poor Sentence 2,” “Slow and Bored” quietly unfolds, later booming into full throttle twenty seconds before its first minute. Marrying the most quintessential aesthetic aspects of shoegaze and psych, “Slow and Bored” is memorable and shaking. An epic in its own right, the album’s third to last track is quickly followed by “Honey Cat. ” Equally driving and audibly impressive, “Honey Cat” mesmerizes listeners with humming riffs followed by plucked chords that swell within a swirling soundscape that is simultaneously surreal and visceral. “Old Young,” comprised of jangly riffs and colossal melodies, is the perfect end to this astonishingly remarkable LP.
True Gold’s debut rings true to the outfit’s namesake from start to finish, leaving fans in anticipation of whatever comes next. - Dianca Potts

Published: January 02, 2014 |

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