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Where Is My Mind?: Alex G

- by Alexis V.

Though we’ve only read interviews with Philly’s own Alex G (a.k.a. Alex Giannascoli) and conversed with him via email, we definitely get a sense that he’s a real genuine guy making music because it’s what comes naturally to him. He works on it in his free time while attending Temple University, and we are sure long after he stops working at all he’ll still be making music. Please take the time to learn more about a burgeoning talent and The Deli Philly’s Year End Readers’/Fans’ Poll Winner, Alex G, below.
The Deli: You started off on the piano, inspired by your brother. What made you want to start learning to play the guitar?
Alex G: I started teaching myself guitar when I was 13 or 14 because I thought it would impress girls. My brother bought one when I was a kid. It had been laying around the house, and I picked it up.
TD: Do you enjoy recording or playing out live more, and why?
AG: I enjoy recording more. I like playing all the instruments and composing and all. It is really satisfying when I am proud of the finished product. Playing out is fun, but I am more passionate about making recordings.
TD: What’s your major at Temple, and how do you think that it fits in or affects your songwriting?
AG: My major at Temple is English. Like most people who are making art or music, I guess I draw inspiration from everything I experience, which would include other forms of art like literature. There are a lot of authors that I am forced to read in school that I would not have read in my own time. I can't pinpoint how this fits in with my songwriting, but it is always a good thing to broaden your horizons.
TD: What’s up with the name “Sandy” for your Facebook and Bandcamp accounts?
AG: I made that Bandcamp right after I recorded a song called "Sandy," which you can find on there. My original intention was to release music from the perspective of this character named Sandy, but after that one song started getting plays and shit, I was too tempted to put my other music on the Bandcamp, and I have been doing that since. The name "SANDY Alex G" on Facebook stems from that - only now it’s more to separate my identity from the beautiful and talented YouTube sensation, Alex G.
TD: How did you learn of the YouTube sensation named Alex G, who has gotten popular from doing pop covers? Have you ever been contacted by anyone thinking that you were her? If so, what did they say?
AG: I found out about Alex G (the girl) after googling myself a couple years ago. She's cool, and I hope one day I get famous enough for her to notice me. I get emails every now and then from people who think I'm her. One was from a little girl whose life was in shambles, and she was just really grateful for Alex G's music. I tried my best to pass it along to the real Alex G, and I'm not sure if she got it. I've gotten a couple from producers who want Alex G to sing on their hip hop track, or radio hosts who want to invite Alex G on their show. Sometimes I play along and pretend that I'm the one they want, but most of the time I let them know that it's me - Alex G the impostor.
TD: What would be the ultimate pop song for you to cover, and why?
AG: The ultimate pop song for me to cover might be “Malibu” by Hole. I really like that song.  
TD: When do you feel most inspired to write and record?
AG: I feel inspired to record when I am feeling productive. I don't really need to feel inspired to write; it is just something I do with my free time.
TD: What would be the highest compliment that someone could say about your music?
AG: I think I would like to hear someone say that I'm the best artist of all time.
TD: What would be the most insulting thing?
AG: The worst insult would be someone saying I was the worst artist of all time. Or someone saying I deserve eternal pain, and my music is worthless trash.
TD: 2013 seemed like a good year for you in terms of more people getting introduced to your music via word of mouth or press. What was a highlight for you last year?
AG: A 2013 highlight for me was playing at the Orchid Tapes showcase in Brooklyn. It was one of the first shows that I've played with the rest of the band - Sam, John, and Dexter - and it was exciting seeing all these people who knew my lyrics and shit and really enjoyed the music. After the show a representative from Warner Bros. Records gave us a record deal, and said we were the best act he's ever seen. It was incredible.
TD: What are your plans for 2014?
AG: This year, I have an album that's gonna come out, and maybe an EP or another collection of songs, and we are gonna tour this summer.
TD: What’s your favorite thing to get at the deli?
AG: I think tuna sandwich is my favorite.








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