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Interview with Moon Bounce

- by Adam G. 

Moon Bounce has been making a name for himself with juicy, R&B-informed electronic music that is impossible to pin down. Corey Regensburg aka Moon Bounce, is a classically trained musician who creates all of his own samples, something that is quite uncommon among electronic contemporaries. The musical shape shifter recently released his newest EP Dress Rehersal, as well as a slew of disturbing videos. Moon Bounce has a show coming up on April 20th at Silk City, so in anticipation we chatted with him about his vast influences, the new record label he started, and what the future holds for the promising young chap. 
The Deli: Why Moon Bounce?
Corey Regensburg: I originally wanted to name myself Moon Dreams, after the Miles Davis tune. People told me it was too girly/flowery, so now I'm Moon Bounce. It seemed to fit the music I was making.
TD: What is the most interesting thing you recorded to make a sample?
CR: Not sure how interesting it is, but I love to use staplers. They're full of wonderful little percussive ticks and scrapes.
TD: What were some non-musical influences for Dress Rehearsal EP?
CR: All of the lyrical content was based on/inspired by power struggles in all types of relationships.
TD: Who are some of your favorite voices in music?          
CR: To name a few: Andrew Bird, The Books, Tune-yards, Baths, James Blake, Radiohead, D'Angelo, Justin Timberlake, Bibio.
TD: What Philly musicians are you inspired by?
CR: Pattern Is Movement! Those dudes are just on fire. Their new self-titled is shit-hot wonderment.
TD: How did you get involved in electronic music? 
CR: I became great friends with a dude named Kyle my freshman year of college. I had always been interested in electronic music but never had any experience until he gave me a pirated piece of software.
TD: Why do you choose to make music in this style?
CR: I'm fascinated by the micromanagement of tone and percussion. It's the smaller manipulations in other people's music that I always seem to remember most vividly. Electronic production is a wonderful way to maintain complete control from moment to moment.
TD: What is your favorite instrument to play, and why?
CR: Piano. I was classically trained as a kid and it's the instrument I'm most proficient in. The piano's ability to stand on it's own is unparalleled.
TD: You started your own label, Grind Select, for this release.  How did you decide to make that move?
CR: It was almost out of necessity. My manager, Jeremy, and I were tired of waiting around for a certain label to get back to us and decided to spearhead this next release on our own. Grind Select is something we had been talking about for years, but had no idea was right around the corner. It's a dream come true!
TD: What does the name Grind Select mean to you?  
CR: We went to a summer camp together, French Woods Festival, where our relationship really blossomed. We bonded over many things, one of which being our love of grindcore.  Our love for the genre went so deep that we began to use the word "grind" for anything that we thought was bizarre/insane/just plain awesome. Whenever we used the vending machine at that camp, we would "grind select". This is the act of putting money into the machine and pressing every button at the same time. You had to settle with whatever you were given. Pretty grind, right?
TD: What do you see for the future of Grind Select?
We are already planning our move into physical releases, more details soon! We hope to bring on artists in the future that are truly magnificent at what they do regardless of genre. In fact, the weirder/harder to place they are, the better.
TD: What are Moon Bounce’s plans for the rest of the year?
CR: Definitely another EP, and perhaps an LP.
TD: Are you recording anything right now?  How does the sound compare to previous releases?
CR: Yup. The new tunes exist in the same world as the Dress Rehearsal EP. Pop/R&B music put through a blender.
TD: Describe the perfect setting to experience Moon Bounce in.
CR: Anywhere with the color purple.
TD: Any other musical project that you are working on?
CR: There are some seeds in the soil, but nothing fully realized yet.
TD: Is there a chance we will get a Grindcore side-project anytime in the future?
CR: God, I hope so.
TD: What do you love about Philly?
CR: Very affordable, don't have to work all the time. Pho.
TD: What do you hate about Philly?

 CR: Everyone is kinda lazy/goes to sleep early. Myself included. 





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