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Fake Boyfriend EP Release Show at PhilaMOCA Feb. 26

Fake Boyfriend EP Release Show at PhilaMOCA Feb. 26

Who needs boys anyway when Fake Boyfriend can fulfill your every need? They can satisfy your desire for livid, scuzz-soaked grunge burners, your need for valuable, self-consciously contradictory emotional catharsis, and even your guilty longing for delicate, twee-sensible vocal harmonies. The band’s sound fluctuation inflates the loud-quiet dynamic of Babes In Toyland to the most radical proportion, intermittently paring down to a La Sera level dream pop before blasting into an apoplectic tantrum. Three voices converge into harmony just as readily as they deliberately push at each other through shouting intervals, creating a profound polarity between unity and discord (which we all love). Leave your real boyfriends at home to their videogames and emo-math rock revival bands, and come see Fake Boyfriend tonight at PhilaMOCA for their EP release show. Sharing the stage will be Shannen Moser performing soft, wistful music box vignettes, Secret Mountain, with the most melodically deadpan “tweemo” approach of the bill, and Lady Parts, with sweetly candid punk-lite confessionals. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 7pm, $7-$10, All Ages - Bryce Woodcock

Published: February 26, 2016 |

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