The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: The Tisburys

By: Alexis V.

July 29, 2019

Having had many Deli contributors past and present come from the Scranton/Wilke-Barre area, we happen to know a bit about the vibrant music community that has been steadily building there for years. And Philly has certainly benefited from the inflow of talented creators coming to our city to share their music and possibly make their mark. Like many who are just getting started, The Tisburys’s Tyler Asay and longtime collaborative partner John Domenico cut their teeth at the local coffee shop open mic nights in Northeast PA, before heading south to our neck of the woods, eventually teaming up with drummer Andrew Huston and bassist Doug Keller. The solidified quartet is currently working on a new EP, a supplementary follow-up to this year’s Wax Nostalgic. The Tisburys is also our most recent Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner, and you can check out our interview with the gang below.

The Deli: How did you start making music? 

Tyler Asay: John and I have been playing together for a long time (since our early days playing coffee shop open mic nights in Scranton), and we've been playing with Doug and Andrew for about 2 years now. In that time, it has started to really come together, especially when it comes to our live show. Something that started out as a solo joint has really started to feel more like a full band, which I love.

TD: Where did the name The Tisburys come from? 

John Domenico: We tried multiple band names out in marketing and The Tisburys tested best.

TA: Something about Martha's Vineyard?

JD: Definitely not. It's an acronym: Tyler Is Songwriting Because University Remission Yonder Screams.

TD: What are your biggest musical influences?

TA: Bruce Springsteen, Vampire Weekend, The Replacements, The National, Hop Along.

Doug Keller: Primus, Ween, Pixies.

JD: Radiohead, Steely Dan, Andrew Bird, Punch Brothers, Pat Metheny.

Andrew Huston: Wilco.

TD: What artists (local, national and/or international) are you currently listening to?

The Tisburys: Full Bush, Fontaines D.C., Riverby, Strand Of Oaks, Dominy, Ellen Siberian Tiger, Andorra, Dweller, The Vaughns, Ali Awan, Mannequin Pussy, Jamie & the Guarded Heart, The Figgs, Local Smokes, Kennel Club.

TD: What's the first concert that you ever attended and first album that you ever bought?

TA: Bruce Springsteen/Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne.

DK: Eagles/Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins.

JD: John Mayer/Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte.

AH: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Dude Ranch by Blink 182.

TD: What do you love about Philly?

TA: The collective humor and imagination of this city staggers me. Food's good, too.

DK: The polyamory of the music scene.

JD: A sense of tradition and community.

AH: The food & music.

TD: What do you hate about Philly?

TA: Parking is never great.

JD & AH: Traffic on I76.

TD: What are your plans for 2019?

TA: We will be releasing a supplementary EP to the one we just released (Wax Nostalgic), which should be out by the end of the year. Overall, I'm excited to keep playing out and to start working on the follow-up to that.

DK: Transition into magic.

JD: Start a Youtube channel.

AH: *shrug emoji*

TD: What was your most memorable live show?

TA: Anytime we get people from the other bands we are playing with that night to jump up on stage with us. I love a good superjam.

DK: Personally, my first show with the Andrew Huston Band and The Tisburys because it was my first experience.

JD: The time we played a church bazaar and I read Lord Of The Rings poetry on stage. 

TD: What's your favorite thing to get at the deli?

TA: Coffee.

DK: Roast beef.

JD: Turkey club.