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FYI on DIYs in PHL: Loves Local Music

- by Q.D. Tran

Tomorrow is the inaugural run of Philadelphia Local Music Day, where local businesses will be playing recordings of five featured local music acts for one full workday. It was created with the intention to bring more awareness about local artists and the Philly music scene in general. The five bands that will be featured this Saturday are The Extraordinaires, Buried Beds, Work Drugs, Cheers Elephant and Bandname (all of whom you should have some familiarity with if you’ve been checking out our site). Philadelphia Local Music Day is brought to us by Loves Local Music, which was founded by musician, DJ and avid local music supporter Monika Julien. If you happen to be unfamiliar with this event or just want to learn more about it as well as Loves Local Music, go to their website at LovesLocalMusic.com. But first, check out some info that you might not find there by reading our recent interview with the always kind-hearted and personable Julien below.
The Deli: Where did the idea for Local Music Day come from?
Monika Julien: I am always inspired by local music initiatives in other cities, and I have so much admiration for people who make an effort to unify their community in creative ways. Philadelphia is home to so many amazing local musicians, businesses, and artists, and I wanted to organize an event that would bring together local art and commerce while giving local bands the opportunity for more exposure.
TD: How long have you been planning this event?
MJ: I've been organizing Philadelphia Local Music Day since October 2011. Lots of planning, risk-taking, and decision-making - it has all been well worth it!
TD: What should we expect to be happening this Saturday?
MJ: Basically, local businesses throughout Philadelphia will be playing the recordings of the five featured local bands in their workplace for the entire day. In other words, if you visit Honey's Sit 'n Eat, Federal Donuts, Honest Tom's Taco Shop, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, or any of the other participating locations, you'll hear local bands' music coming through the speakers. Customers who visit the participating locations can also pick up a download card with a free song from each of the five bands and a postcard with information about the featured musicians.
WXPN is also participating in Philadelphia Local Music Day - on Saturday, May 12. WXPN is including songs from the featured local bands in their programming throughout the day. You can tune in to WXPN on 88.5FM or stream the radio online at www.xpn.org
Additionally, The Rocket Cat is hosting a live performance in conjunction with Philadelphia Local Music Day. The Extraordinaires (one of the five featured bands for Philadelphia Local Music Day) will be headlining; opening the show are local bands Sunset Recorder and Zach and the Outside Eyes. The show starts at 1pm and it's free!
TD: What’s been the most difficult thing about pulling this together?
MJ: There are so many amazing local Philly bands that it was really difficult to choose which five to feature for Philadelphia Local Music Day! Fortunately, there are already plans for more Philadelphia Local Music Days so more bands will have the opportunity to be featured. 
TD: What has been the most rewarding thing so far?
MJ: The public’s support of Philadelphia Local Music Day and Loves Local Music has been incredible. I’ve been working hard to get the word out about Philadelphia Local Music Day and Loves Local Music’s mission. When local bands, businesses, press, Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, and even national organizations take notice of Loves Local Music, I know my message is being heard. I'm determined to bring more creative events to Philadelphia. I want to help build awareness about Philadelphia's local music scene while bringing the community closer.
With Philadelphia Local Music Day only being a day away, it is so exciting to see everything come together. I feel so fortunate to get to work with some of Philadelphia’s best local bands and local businesses, and it makes me happy to see that we all share the same passion of working together to promote and support the city’s local culture and economy.
TD: How do you plan on celebrating Local Music Day?
MJ: I'm planning on stopping by each of the participating locations on Saturday. I’m looking forward to hearing the recordings of some of my favorite local bands being played at some of my favorite local businesses! I'll also be at The Rocket Cat Cafe to see The Extraordinaires play, and whenever I’m driving, I’ll definitely be tuned in to WXPN. I don't want to miss a minute of Philadelphia Local Music Day!
TD: What are other things that you’d like to incorporate into Local Music Day in the future?
MJ: I’m keeping an open mind when it comes to future Philadelphia Local Music Days because the possibilities of incorporating other aspects to the event are endless. However, aside from Local Music Day, there are plans for other Loves Local Music events. I’m looking forward to working with other companies and organizations to help promote Philadelphia’s local music scene!
TD: Are you planning to bring Local Music Day to different cities some day like Record Store Day, or will this be just a Philly thing?
MJ: More than just Local Music Day, I have considered bringing Loves Local Music and its mission to other cities. The focus of Loves Local Music is to organize events that give musicians exposure in unique, non-traditional ways. By building relationships between local musicians, businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and more, my objective is to develop a symbiotic relationship between local art and local commerce. Ultimately, I would love to help other communities to find creative ways to work together and promote their city’s local music scene.
That being said, right now I’m focused on Philadelphia. I have plans for other events in the works, so definitely stay tuned for more Loves Local Music announcements!
TD: You mentioned that since word has gotten around about it local acts that you have never heard of have been contacting you out of nowhere. Can you name any that we should take a listen to?
MJ: I have received messages from numerous local bands wanting to participate in Philadelphia Local Music Day - many of which I’m unfamiliar with. It’s pretty incredible just how many local bands and artists there are in Philadelphia! I’ve been really impressed by a lot of the music I’ve heard, so don’t be surprised if some of these bands are featured in upcoming Philadelphia Local Music Days. Until then, all artist submissions will remain confidential. :)
TD: What’s your favorite thing to get at the deli?
MJ: Black and white cookies, matzo ball soup, and kosher dill pickles! Yum!
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