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What is The Deli?
The Deli is an independent publication and website that focuses on local indie music scenes and emerging artists (from rock to folk, from punk to indie pop, with a little bit of hip hop). It currently publishes a printed magazine about the NYC music scene and has daily updated, separate webpages tackling the new emerging music in cities like NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Boston, and Portland.

What is The Deli Philadelphia?
The Deli Philadelphia is a daily updated website focused on the independent music scene of the Philadelphia Area.

Mission Statement
The Deli Philadelphia is a resource for Philadelphia musical artists and fans. We want to be a place for bands to share their music with others, and for fans to make their own decisions about what local music they enjoy.

CD Submission Policy
The Deli Philadelphia only reviews music from artists based in Philadelphia and surroundings.

At this time we only accept digital submission through our CD Submission System here.

For added exposure, you can post mp3s and a blurb about your band on the local Open Blog [this feature will be back soon].



The Deli Philly Staff

Q.D. Tran
 - Executive Editor

Dianca Potts - Assistant Editor

Alexis V. - Assistant Editor

Ali Carter - Staff Writer/Marketing Representative

H.M. Kauffman - Staff Writer

Adam Gould - Staff Writer

Michael Colavita - Staff Writer

Brandi Lukas - Staff Photographer/Writer

Bill McThrill - Staff Writer

Zach Blum - Contributing Photographer

Leslie Burnette - Contributing Writer

Daniel Ludwig - Contributing Writer

Rachel Barrish - Contributing Photographer

Shaylin O'Connell - Intern

Maggie Grabmeier - Intern