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Akinyemi pays tribute to the past, embraces the future, performs at Elsewhere 05.25

The elegant hip-hop beats that dominated the tracks of 50 Cent's 2003 breakout album Get Rich or Die Tryin' feel like a relic of olden days. The splendor of those beats was in their concentration of funky bass lines, R&B buffs, and kickdrums that popped alongside the velvety verses that laid on the track. It is the smoothly-layered words of NYC's Akinyemi—alongside his tribute to those beats—that make the artist a standout in the current crowded hip hop market. In his song "Fleece" (streaming) the young MC suggests protection from the elements: he references the frigidness of greed, the heat of competition, the winds of change. Akinyemi says, "the weather isn't bigger," and the more you listen to his track, the more you feel inclined to believe him. The Queens Village rapper is ready to bring his message to Zone One, Elsewhere on May 25th, loud and clear. - Rene Cobar

Buzz Bulletin: Akinyemi plays Mercury Lounge 03.28

Akinyemi, the hip-hop sensation out of Queens, is playing at Mercury Lounge on March 28th, in support of Sylvan LaCue. Akinyemi's music is a captivating blend of R&B and hip hop that hearkens to the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean. On "Dust Calling," the opening track and first single off his 2017 EP, Summers, Akinyemi opens the door to a lush soundscape of longing and ambition. "Dust calling, waiting for the wind/Doors unopened, hopefully they let me in/Scribble this thought down, patented with a pen/Living room tragic, I'm asking 'em again," he muses on the song's refrain, evoking images of a scrabbling dreamer who's determined to bring his dream to reality, even at the risk of failure. Ultimately, Akinyemi holds his own on this promising release. Listen to "Dust Calling" below! - Ethan Ames


Akinyemi releases first single "dust calling" off upcoming "summers" EP

Upcoming artists face a myriad of challenges in the scramble for purchase in the music landscape. As if making honest art that resonates with diverse audiences wasn’t arduous enough, then there’s marketing, networking, selling oneself without selling oneself out, balancing one’s family’s expectations as they stack up upon your shoulders, and the feeling of dust building up on your dreams. Akinyemi bravely stares into the crystal ball in the first single from his upcoming “summers” EP (the release party will be at BK Bazaar on Sept. 17 at 8pm). The dust doesn’t stand a chance. - Jason Grimste, brokeMC


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