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Buddy Leezle

New Buddy Leezle EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Vapor, the new EP from Buddy Leezle, recently entered the equation. Produced by Wiardon, these tracks ooze with a composed, dramatic intensity, complemented by the boom bap. It's a reminder of an old school, timeless sound and style. Go on, and breathe it all in.

New Track: "Saddle Soap RMX II" (Feat. Da Buze Bruvaz) - Buddy Leezle

Originally found on 2014’s Bishop, another remix of Buddy Leezle's "Saddle Soap" (featuring Da Buze Bruvaz) is out now. Produced by TCOR (The Custodian of Records), the alternative take stews under the streetlight before jumping off. Riding the smooth suspense of keys, there’s a sense of polish, while retaining a residual grime. Splicing operatic vocals amid the aggressive yet composed lyrical flow gives the track a timeless appeal.


New Buddy Leezle & Vinny Vindetta Split Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Buddy Leezle & Vinny Vindetta recently shared a collection of unreleased material, La Casa Azul. Sitting back in the beat, a relaxed, cool and calculated aggression pushes ahead in a smooth, striding manner. Produced by the combination of Sadhugold, Ralphie Reese, Professor 950, and Vindetta, the tag team of talent provides us a new soundtrack for late-night contemplations.


New Track: "Cold Wave" (Feat. Crimeapple, Recognize Ali, Reef The Lost Cauze & DJ SoulBuck) - Buddy Leezle

Buddy Leezle recently completed a collaborative LP with Karnate, entitled Gavage. Its debut single, “Cold Wave,” enlists Crimeapple, Recognize Ali, Reef The Lost Cauze, and DJ Soulbuck as reinforcements. An ominously chill beat steps into the streets. Seamlessly relaying the mic, the collection of emcees deliver cold, calculated bars, with an icy intensity, before leaving frosty bodies in their path. You'll wanna bump this more than once.


New Track: "The World Is Mine" - Buddy Leezle

Philly's own Buddy Leezle recently dropped a new EP, titled Cocaine Castles. Produced by Bockman, its opening track couples elegant, enticing keys and rapid-fire snare, creating a silky, night-dwelling cruiser of a beat. Leezle is able to assert his relentless flow immediately. Pouncing on the possibilities, he doesn’t hold back, setting the table for what follows. It’s a smooth, confident display of talent from the seasoned emcee.


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