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Kingsbury eases the torment of loss on luminous new single, "U Take it Back"

The first time we heard of Caroline Kingsbury, a.k.a. Kingsbury, the then-21-year-old was going through a changing period in her life without the support system that she needed at the time. In the time that's passed, the singer-songwriter experienced love and lost it, facing her painful memories a newfound strength on her latest single, "U Take it Back." "You gave me something I never had / and then you take it back," she exclaims with devastating simplicity,  wrapping her salty-yet-sweet vocals over a backdrop of billowing synths and gossamer guitar lines. She invites a calm and stately atmosphere to soothe her unease,  reminding us that there's always comfort in melancholy.

Since then, Kingsbury has supported likeminded indie-pop acts like Aurora, NoMBe, and local artist Miya Folick. Up next is a month-long tour supporting Alex Lahey, which kicks off right here at The Troubadour on August 13. - Juan Rodríguez


Indie pop artist Kingsbury reclaims control on "Alone Again"

Caroline Kingsbury has dropped a single from her upcoming LP with Northern Transmissions, “Alone Again”. Fresh from Nashville, this emerging artist is creating a brand new name for herself in her new home of Los Angeles. Kingsbury has a similar aesthetic to Lana Del Ray but creates her own dreamy pop chords, smooth vocal transitions, and catchy drumbeats. Her poptastic sound creates the perfect mood for any lazy day drinking by yourself, long night drives with your best friend or dancing when no one is looking. Kingsbury's heart bleeds through her music; she speaks volumes to those struggling through a changing period in their life. Fighting alone through every situation you find yourself in, and figuring it out alone. Not only an inspiration to me, but anyone who travels and moves a lot, picking up and leaving everything behind you is a lot harder than people think. This song is our anthem, and I thank her for that. Sometimes it takes a few falls in order to pick yourself back up. - Kayla Hay


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