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New Buddy Leezle & Vinny Vindetta Split Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Buddy Leezle & Vinny Vindetta recently shared a collection of unreleased material, La Casa Azul. Sitting back in the beat, a relaxed, cool and calculated aggression pushes ahead in a smooth, striding manner. Produced by the combination of Sadhugold, Ralphie Reese, Professor 950, and Vindetta, the tag team of talent provides us a new soundtrack for late-night contemplations.


New Vindetta EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

With a controlled aggression, Vindetta, a.k.a. Vinny Wit Da Swag/Vincent Brown, recently dropped his new album, Rachmaninoffs' RATHE! Propped up by boom-bap beats, Vinny delivers cold-blooded lines, aimed at his competitors. Setting an ominous/dramatic stage, the emcee moves stealthily through the streets, showcasing a calm under pressure and an undeniable presence. Thematically united, the EP announces its intentions, arrives, delivers, and swiftly exits.


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