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The B'Dinas

Show recap: The Clementines' EP release show at VooDoo, 5.9.14

(Photos by Jodie Platz)
Last Friday, The Clementines celebrated the release of their EP Someday/Over (see our review), a follow-up to their self-titled debut album released last summer. This time, they threw a big party to commemorate the occasion at VooDoo Lounge, with special guests The B’Dinas and Katy Guillen & the Girls.
The B’Dinas kicked off the party with an exuberant set, bringing with them enough quirkiness to create a light, jubilant mood as the audience filtered in. Each member showed off his/her own individual talents throughout the set, often switching off instruments and lead vocal duties from song to song.
This is a band that rides on the strength of its musical prowess, maintaining an intricate prog rock/blues sound without sounding busy or overwhelming. At times, The B’Dinas boasted impressive four-part vocal harmonies. Toward the end of the set, when Peter Lawless switched over from bass to saxophone and took over lead vocal duties on “That’s Not What She Said,” the group unleashed a musical fury that filled the large room.
With gilded anticipation, The Clementines took to the stage with a confidence and performance that lived up to the quality of their new album. With a bevy of new material, the group played for about an hour to a receptive crowd.
Guest violinist Kristin Chow sat in on a few songs, adding another powerful dynamic to a band that is most noted for the strength and soul of Nicole Springer’s voice. But since adding drummer Aaron Derington to the mix last fall, The Clementines have brought new elements to their overall sound. Tim Jenkins mostly played electric guitar for Friday’s show and switched to mandolin for a few songs, contributing flourishes to Springer’s voice as well as a necessary bite to the music. Travis Earnshaw’s bass lines provided a foundation and a bounce to each song.
For one of their final tunes, “Your History,” the band’s former drummer [and Katy Guillen & the Girls’ current drummer] Stephanie Williams guest starred while Derington moved over to keys—reminding us that this band is a far cry from its beginnings as an acoustic duo of Springer and Jenkins, and is further testament to its growth as musicians and performers. “I felt [our performance] was very inspired by all of the support there and truly was a celebration of completing an EP that we’re super proud of,” mentioned Springer.
Though The Clementines were the evening’s celebrated act, Katy Guillen & the Girls headlined the show and kept the audience on the dance floor. They’ve added new material to their set as they prepare to release their debut full-length album in the fall. As always, Guillen’s guitar playing was simultaneously brutal and captivating, matched by Williams’ fierce and flashy but deliberate, on-point drumming (and a new kit to boot) and Claire Adams’ booming bass scales.
Since taking fourth place at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January, the trio has honed its performance into that of a band fit to play about any midsize/large venue in the country—a giant feat for a group still young in its career. This showed on Friday evening, as VooDoo provided the high-end production necessary to augment their roaring sound and a professional, flawless performance. KG & the Girls will be traveling in the coming months, playing the Montreal International Jazz Festival in June, Daytona Blues Fest in October, and taking a 10-day tour of Sweden in November.
The Clementines and The B’Dinas will be playing together again at The Brick on Friday, May 23. You can catch Katy & the Girls next at BB’s Lawnside BBQ on Saturday, May 31.
--Michelle Bacon
Michelle is the editor of The Deli KC and does rhythmic stuff in The Philistines, Drew Black & Dirty Electric, Dolls on Fire, and Lucky Graves. She also writes for Ink. The rest of the time, she is a hobo.

Jodie Platz is a concert photographer, and also doubles as the tour manager for Not A Planet.

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Local Music Kickstarter Projects

We thought we'd begin letting you know about a few Kickstarter projects in the works for musicians around the area. Please note in the comments or send a message to us at kceditor@thedelimagazine.com to let us know if there are others we're missing. 

The RADKEY Quest to End False Rock: $5,000 goal, 10 days remaining

The St. Joseph brothers Radkey are asking for help to allow them to record an album in Minneapolis (with Ryan Smith of The Melismatics) and Brooklyn (at Adrian Grenier's Wreckroom Studio). The funds will also go toward travel expenses and band merch. 

The B'Dinas Morning Party Midwest Tour 2012: $2,500 goal, 11 days remaining

To help promote their latest EP Morning Party, The B'Dinas are embarking on an 8-city tour in August around the Midwest. They're asking for help with travel expenses and band merch.

2 Twenty 2 to the Studio!: $3,000 goal, 10 days remaining

Lawrence group 2 Twenty 2 is getting ready to hit the studio, and is asking for some funds to get the process started.

Help support local music in whatever way you can!

--Michelle Bacon

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On The Beat with Tess Jehle

We're proud to launch our very first weekly feature, On The Beat with Sergio Moreno! Our first interview features Tess Jehle, drummer for The B'Dinas and Dream Wolf. Catch the beat here at the link.

On The Beat is written by drummer Sergio Moreno (from Hillary Watts Riot and Alacartoona), and features some of the many talented drummers in the Kansas City area.



On The Beat with Tess Jehle


Tess Jehle's recipe for drumming delight is simple: a dash of metronome, a serving of fun, and a big-ol’ helping of listening. Whether listening to different styles and new music, or listening to bandmates and the audience, listening is the key ingredient. The result is Tess’s sublime combination of rhythms and textures with a tangy, yet delicately measured, zip. This St. Charles, MO native came to UMKC in 2005 and has been drumming – and listening – in the KC music scene for 3 years.

The Deli: Who are you playing with these days, and what makes them worthy of your skill?

Tess Jehle: I currently play in two bands. The B'Dinas, which I started with four of my friends at UMKC in 2009 and Dream Wolf, which I joined about a year and a half ago. After seeing them perform and really liking their music, I was lucky enough to be asked to join.

Honestly, I have the privilege of playing with some of the best musicians in Kansas City. I feel like I'm not worthy of them sometimes.

The Deli: Tell us about your process. How do you create your drum parts?

TJ: I definitely have a connection with my guitarists. I know there is supposed to be a bond between drummer and bassist, and don't get me wrong I love my bass players (Peter Lawless and Brent Jamison), but I really connect with my guitarists. I almost always use guitar riffs and melodies as the inspiration for my beats and drum parts. And I am fortunate enough to play with two of the best guitarists I have ever seen: Katy Guillén in The B'Dinas and Chris Tady in Dream Wolf.

The Deli: How did you get started on drums?

TJ: My parents encouraged me when I showed an interest in music. They are the reason I was able to start playing. My dad signed me up for drum lessons at a local music store when I was 11. I loved drumming from the minute I sat down at the set. I begged for my own drum set and he told me if I stuck with the lessons for 1 year then he would buy me one. Sure enough, he bought me my first kit a year later.

I took lessons for 3 years until high school. Then I joined the marching band. Oh yeah, I was a total band nerd. My drumline coaches in high school, Mark Thomas and Mike Davis, were amazing drummers and taught me so much not only about playing, but also about performing.

The Deli: Would you rather be a cymbal or a drum?

TJ: I think I would be a bass drum. It's always been my favorite. It's the biggest and the baddest.

The Deli: Of the music you've recorded, what's your favorite song? Did you have any particular inspiration for it?

TJ: “Movin' Movin” off The B'Dinas latest EP, Morning Party. I mainly used the guitar licks of the song to develop the beats that I play. Katy Guillén wrote that song; it has a great feel to it, and I had a lot of fun with it. 

These sounds tend to pull me in and out of being present. At times they distract me from the task or conversation at hand, and at other times they serve as reminders to stop, take a moment and remember that I am alive. I guess I hear them as an invitation to slow down.

The Deli: Obligatory question…drumming heroes?

TJ: Chris Coleman – he plays with amazing style and precision. Benny Greb – he's an awesome, grooving, funky drummer out of Germany. Carter Beauford – he's just an awesome drummer. I loved Dave Matthews Band when I was younger, and he has always been a drum idol of mine.

The Deli: When are you happiest?

TJ: When I can balance my playing and time with my fiancé, family and friends.

The Deli: Studio or live show?

TJ: That's tough. I like recording because there is something about being in the studio that makes me focus…because you know what ever you play that day will be the way people will hear the song over and over. It throws me into intense focus. I also really love playing live. There is a spontaneity in the playing that is always fun. There is nothing like the energy you get from a crowd of people dancing to your music.

You can be one of those people dancing to Tess’s music by catching her in action at The Brick with The B'Dinas on June 22 and with Dream Wolf on June 23.

 -Sergio Moreno

Sergio is a drummer drone for The Hillary Watts Riot and a contraption set buffoon with Alacartoona. He wishes he could get paid to practice meditation, do yoga, and drink white tea all day long. But in the meantime he earns his keep making greeting cards in Spanish.


Tess Jehle


The B'Dinas
Morning Party

Morning Party

Dream Wolf




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