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Chairlifts' Caroline Polachek unveils anti-pop solo album under Ramona Lisa moniker

Chairlift, brainchild of singer/keyboardist/composer Caroline Polachek, has been one of our favorite NYC pop bands since they broke out back in 2008, when they graced the cover of our Best of NYC issue - those were the times of single "Bruised," blessed by an Apple ad.

Caroline is now announcing the release of a solo album - to be released on Terrible Records in April - under the moniker Ramona Lisa. Preview single and video "Arcadia" (streaming below) shows us an unexpectedly gloomy atmoshpere, so much so that we are tempted to think this is not just a parallel project, but alsmost a Chairlift antithesys - a necessary outlet of somebody who starts feeling curbed by pop music's brightly colored straitjacket? Gone are the upbeat rhythms and the uplifting melodies, gone the meticulous and somewhat intricate production. A completely anti-pop 2 minute drumless instrumental intro guide us to the haunting vocal melody, which betrays Gregorian influences. The song is rather uneventful, like a beautiful, intimate chant that listens to itself, rather than being projected out to others. And that's exactly what pop music is not.

We realized that Caroline had serious balls when we saw this video, this record only comes as a confirmation.


Chairlift's sophomore album "Something" doesn't disappoint

As you know, here at The Deli we aim our focus mostly on emerging, promising local artists rather than "established" ones, but today I'd like to spend a few words for a band signed to a major, which was featured on the cover of The Deli back in 2008, and whose second full length, notwithstanding the departure of a band member, successfully developed in new exciting directions. We finally found some time to listen to Chairlift's the new album "Something" and we were very impressed with it, but mostly with the band's loyalty to their signature sensual quirkiness. I don't think many people in the industry would have bet their money on the duo after Aaron Pfenning left, and I won't deny that - as much as I loved the debut "Does You Inspire You" - I was amongst the sceptics too. It is indeed easy for a pop band to buy into the temptation of getting even poppier after signing a deal with Columbia Records. But Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly obviously stood up to the challenge.
A video like this one for the single "Amanaemonesia" perfectly exemplifies how the duo not only put themselves out there, but doubled the stakes, with Caroline showcasing that in these 3 years not only she's become a better singer, but she's obviously improved her performing skills in the dancing department. Our favorite single from the album, "Sidewalk Safari" (streaming below) it's just a great pop song that works on all levels. Emerging bands out there, there's lots to learn from these guys.


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