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July 2014
Peter Matthew Bauer
Thank God The Walkmen are on a “hiatus.” As unpopular a statement as that might be to fans of the beloved indie-rock outfit, the resulting album, Liberation! (Mexican Summer), by the group’s former bassist Peter Matthew Baur reinforces the truth behind what I think. Baur has taken the time as a chance to expand his wingspan creatively, producing an album that’s slick, resonant and infectiously psychedelic.
It’s a heady journey through the artist’s far-from-normal life, never lacking in emotion and fundamentally based in a sense of optimism. Also, one of the most fascinating things going on with Liberation! is how it blends local and international aesthetics without ever feeling like appropriation or pandering. Songs such as “I Was Born in an Ashram” and “Philadelphia Raga” feel organic and refreshing, incorporating exotic influences without ever making them feel awkwardly placed or unnecessary.
The whole effort is the culmination of a meditative post-“hiatus” tour through Europe, and it shows. The record is relaxed and casual yet exploratory, never seeming to break a sweat while being thoroughly entertaining. The collection of songs has a comforting accessibility reminiscent of couchbound evenings of honesty-filled, drunken/stoner chats with your best buddies, which may seem to come few and far between as all of us get older and busier. - Daniel Ludwig

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Cough Cool

New Music Video: "It's Beautiful" - Dan Svizeny

Here's a lazy-day new music video for the track "It's Beautiful" from Dan Svizeny, whom might be better known to you as Cough Cool. You can find the song on his latest EP Daniel Anton Svizeny, which is available via Mirror Universe Tapes. The video was directed by Max Gardner with art direction by Rachel Rinehart.

DAN SVIZENY - "It's Beautiful" from Max Gardner on Vimeo.


New Video: "It's Night" (Out Of Town Films) - Cough Cool

Below is a rare recorded live performance of Cough Cool, a.k.a. Dan Svizeny, playing the song "It's Night," which appeared on his latest album 29 (Bathetic). It was documented by Out Of Town Films at their space in Berks Warehouse. Look out for Svizeny to come out from behind his moniker for his next release.


New Track: "The Flames" - Dan Svizeny

Dan Svizeny has been stepping out from behind his moniker Cough Cool with his most recent releases, but his signature fuzz and knack for pretty melodies still remains. You can check out his latest single, "The Flames," below, which will appear on his upcoming LP. Enjoy!


New Track: "Good Nothings" - Cough Cool

As if Labor Day weekend didn't already signal the end of summer, Cough Cool, a.k.a. Dan Svizeny, just droped a new track called "Good Nothings" that also sounds like the end of a summer romance. The tune is a B-side to the collection of songs that he just released on the LP 29 via Bathetic. Please feel free to lament with us.


New Music Video: "Velvet" - Cough Cool

Fuzz-popster Cough Cool (a.k.a. Dan Svizeny) recently posted a new music video for the track "Velvet," off his latest LP 29 (Bathetic). In the footage, you'll find Svizeny hanging around his apartment lip-syncing while playing the sensitive, lonely brah. Enjoy!

"Velvet" by Cough Cool from Bathetic 


Cough Cool Record Release Show at KFN June 22

Cough Cool, a.k.a. Dan Svizeny, may have a Misfits homage as the moniker in which he records and performs music under, but his menace grows from psych-rock seeds rather than campy punk trappings. Brandishing a grimacing psych-garage-shoegaze-pop hybrid, always seemingly played with eyes at half-mast, Cough Cool will be celebrating the release of his latest full-length album 29 (Bathetic), which is his best to date, tonight at Kung Fu Necktie. The Fishtown watering hole will surely be blown out in awash of sonic haze and surprisingly pretty pop melodies. So embrace the fuzz, and share it with someone you love! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Alyssa Greenberg


New Cough Cool LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Embrace the fuzz while indulging in some sweet pop melodies on this fine morning. Take a listen to Cough Cool's new full-length album 29 below, and purchase your very own copy via Bathetic Records or grab one at his record release show on Saturday, June 22 at Kung Fu Necktie.


New Track: "Misfit 4x4" - Cough Cool

We are pretty sure Impose Magazine loves our local music scene and Cough Cool, a.k.a. Dan Svizeny. Below is a bouncy yet subdued jaunt through the 80s from Svizeny called "Misfit 4x4" that the publication premiered earlier today. The track is off his upcoming album 29, which is due out June 11 via Bathetic Records.




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