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Dear Forbidden

New Track: "Pledge" - Dear Forbidden

Dear Forbidden recently shared a new single, “Pledge”. The buzz of distortion mingles with the momentous build of the rhythmic backend to create a suspenseful sense of purpose. Expressing frustration over the ever-swirling, spiraling out of society that we’re witnessing in real-time, the song balances the chaos with a melodic foundation. The power trio will be part of a billing on Sunday, December 16 at Kung Fu Necktie that will also include Full BushBabe Grenade, and FuzzQueen.


New Dear Forbidden EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The trio of Dear Forbidden recently shared a new five-song EP. Dynamics are on display in Slow Beat. Altering tempos to develop a personal narrative, the band slows down for the endearing zoom in, and then blasts ahead, leaving the void in a feat of haunting strength. Between grungy peaks and valleys, a melodic middle serves as the through-line connection.


The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Dear Forbidden

Admitted late bloomer, Dear Forbidden’s Gina Cardillo has definitely left behind her Lion King soundtrack past for the grungy, seedier side of 90’s alt rock. Like a large majority of us, Cardillo sounds like she has fallen in love with Philly, and we’re guessing all aspects of the city have been influencing her songwriting, which is the most difficult but rewarding process for the young artist. Take a listen to Dear Forbidden’s debut EP Glitter & Dissonance and a moment to learn a little more about our most recent Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner HERE.


New Dear Forbidden EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The trio of Dear Forbidden recently released a new EP Glitter & Dissonance. The album lyrically offers a jagged edge, smoothed-over by harmony and anchored to the loose grit of instrumentation, which steps up to provide additional muscle. The sound approaches like an impending storm - calm from the interior but tumultuous from the outside; that duality captivates.


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