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Japanese Breakfast

New Japanese Breakfast Cassette Available for Streaming & Download

Little Big League's Michelle Zauner introduced us to her lo-fi solo bedroom project, Japanese Breakfast, last summer by sharing June, an ambitious attempt at writing and recording a song a day for a month. She continued with this creative outlet earlier this summer by recording seven more songs as part of a blog with Eskimeaux, Florist, Frankie Cosmos and Small Wonder, which encouraged her to be "really open and honest" about her feelings. She eventually released the collection of tracks as an EP Where Is My Great Big Feeling? that will be available on cassette, along with her latest eight-song album entitled American Sound, via Seagreen Records. You can stream and download the project's first label release in its entirety below.


New Japanese Breakfast Album Available for Streaming

Little Big League's Michelle Zauner just shared a new solo record that she put together under the moniker Japanese Breakfast. She wrote and recorded a song everyday in the month of June [with the exception of two covers - PAWS' "Sore Tummy" ("Day 15") & Liz Phair's "Chopsticks" ("Day 23")], and will be releasing portions of it very soon on cassette via Ranch Jams (her favorites are "Day 5," "Day 6," "Day 10," "Day 22," "Day 28," & "Day 30"). You can listen to the 30-song project entitled June in its entirety below as well as read what Zauner had to say about it coming to fruition.

I had just finished writing and recording a record with my band Little Big League (littlebigleague.bandcamp.com) and was experiencing difficulty writing new material. The band wasn't really doing anything because we were exhausted. We weren't playing many shows to save up for touring a lot when the record came out.
On May 30th I had a dumpling party at my house where I invited all of my friends to come over and make dumplings. We set up Christmas lights in my backyard and all sat around a lawn table drinking beer and scooping small spoons from a big pot of stuffing and folding them into little dumpling wrappers. I invited Rachel Gagliardi from Slutever and we talked a lot about feeling stuck creatively. I suggested that we start a blog. The conceit was that we wrote, recorded and posted one song every day for the month of June. Two days later there was:
The most important part of the blog was learning how to practice forgiveness. This Isabel Allende quote I read on some blog-- "show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too." that seemed relevant too. Instead of sitting down and creating a list of rules (I've written too many songs in the key of D, no more finger picking, no verse chorus structure, etc. etc.) that completely inhibited me from writing, I just had the pressure of needing to have a finished product by the end of the day to motivate me. Despite my busy work schedule, social obligations, even if I only had ten minutes of free time during the day, they would be spent making sure I got my post for the day.
While there are definitely songs I find completely unlistenable and all around awful, I was very happy with a lot of the material I produced. I plan on developing quite a few with LBL for our second LP. I highly recommend the project to anyone who is feeling creatively uninspired. Habituation is the key. 


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