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Legendary Divorce

New Legendary Divorce LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

So the bad news first, Legendary Divorce have decided to call it a day. However, they just dropped a new full-length as a parting gift of sorts. With proceeds going to Mazzoni Center and Planned Parenthood Action, Horizontal finds the quartet in raw, rock splendor. Menacing, pulverizing beats light a fuse with bad intentions, clearing a path for Itarya Leo’s vocals to explode unleashing a guttural aggression. All the members currently have new projects, so hopefully we'll get to hear them again performing in one form or another.

Storm the Gates & Empty the Reserves w/Legendary Divorce at Everybody Hits Aug. 9

Let that pent up agitation loose when Legendary Divorce steps up to the plate at Everybody Hits. Converging members of Ladder Devils, The Starting Line and The Minor Times enacts a grimey grunge-punk combination with raw emotions at its core as searing guitar and pouncing percussion stir up that cauldron in one’s gut, giving rise to pressure-defusing, spirited vocals. It’s coming at you hard and fast, storming the gates and emptying the reserve in the process. The sludgy steamroller of a hardcore outfit The Cloth and Philly-via-Virginia punk quartet Left & Right are also on the card. Delaware trio Worth, who will release a new EP this month, lead things off. Everybody Hits, 529 West Girard Ave., 6pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Legendary Divorce Opening for Dax Riggs at KFN June 15

Local post-hardcore four-piece Legendary Divorce make visceral anthems that are palpable to the soul. Made up of members from Ladder Devils, The Starting Line, and The Minor Times, who came together as a Nirvana tribute band in 2012, the group is driven by the raw intensity of its full-steam-ahead instrumentation and Itarya Leo's in-your-face vocals. Yes - yet another female-fronted act from Philly to keep your eye on! They'll be the direct support this evening at Kung Fu Necktie for Dax Riggs, the talented former frontman of sludgy Louisianna metal outfit Acid Bath. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 7pm, $12, 21+ - Alexis V.


New Music Video: "Easy" - Legendary Divorce

Noise-punk four-piece Legendary Divorce, who originally formed as a Nirvana tribute band, features members of Ladder DevilsThe Starting Line, and The Minor Times. The group just released its debut six-song EP Make Me (Reptilian Records), which you can stream and purchase HERE. They also shared a seriously aggro-feeling new music video (that premiered over at Brooklyn Vegan yesterday) for the track "Easy" (below), which was directed by R.E. Medlin.


Legendary Divorce Opening for Creepoid & Amanda X at Boot & Saddle Dec. 27

Boot & Saddle must be in the holiday spirit, because tonight’s lineup is packed with talent from top to bottom. Let's start with the opener, Legendary Divorce, a four-piece who originally came together as a Nirvana tribute band for Halloween show in 2012. Their debut EP Make Me is a rugged blend of agitated aggression. The songs have a tendency to immediately pounce on one’s ears. Itarya Leo’s vocals occupy a space were pensive rage and sadness compact themselves. The unfiltered byproduct joins up with steady, slightly dark instrumental tones, which are forceful yet frayed. Leo’s voice etches a path through the noise-punk, thumping music like a fireball amid organized chaos. The soothing psych-shoegaze-y buzzsaw of Creepoid headlines the evening orchestrating a haunting beauty through ominous layers of noise that has a cathartic effect. The garage-pop power trio of Amanda X bridges the gap of their personalized sincere yet catchy tunes. Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St., 8:30pm, $12, 21+ - Michael Colavita


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