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Little Strike

New Little Strike EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Electro-folk artist Tamar Dart, a.k.a. Little Strike, recently shared her new EP Beyond Things. Dart’s vocals exhibit a gentle, pensive nature, even while addressing complex societal issues - both from a micro and macro perspective. Brought along for the journey, there’s a peacefulness in the intricate atmosphere of production, which retains a feathery quality despite its complexities. Putting personal poetry into organic motion, these songs appeal to a universal audience.

Free Download: "Come Out Alright" - Little Strike

Below is a lovely new single from Little Strike, a.k.a. Tamar Dart, called "Come Out Alright." "Back in the states after a year of work and travel in China, I received an email from a close friend revealing that he had been doing heroin, and that I was the only person that he chose to tell... The chorus is directly taken from the email I received. He's better now, not fighting alone." Dart will be performing next in Philly on Saturday, June 4 as part of the Sundrop Music Fest.

Dogs on Acid/Year Of Glad Winter Tour Kickoff at Ortlieb's Dec. 10

Dogs on Acid and Year Of Glad kick off their winter tour with a showing this evening at Ortlieb’s. Dogs On Acid’s self-titled debut is ripe with hook-laced pop punk that rouses in energetic anthem form. Penetrating lyrics coupled with a melodic, determined, forward-thrusting, loose-flowing yet tightly constructed sound, it approaches the personal through an exuberant filter, deflecting the guttural punch. Speaking of excellent self-titled releases, Year Of Glad’s riff & rumble jolt combines with multiple-fronted, harmony-textured vocals causing equilibrium. Adding to this already interesting equation, garage-pop quartet Marge, whose rough-around-the-edges instrumentation, melds with softer-spoken sincerity. Tamar Dart, a.k.a. Little Strike, delivers perpetually positives via her electropop, completing a lineup of local talent you won’t want to miss. Ortlieb’s, 847 N. Third St., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Michael Colavita

New Video: "Whose Side" (Live - Random Tea Session) - Little Strike

Lights splatter across the walls, adding just the right ambiance for the latest Random Tea Session with Little Strike, a.k.a. Tamar Dart. Programmed percussions propel "Whose Side" forward as Dart's vocals effortlessly expound thought-provoking lyrics, enhancing the senses. The feeling is palpable with this one. Little Strike will be performing her last show in Philly for a bit on Thursday, December 10 at Ortlieb's, helping Dogs On Acid kick off their Winter tour with Year Of Glad. However, you can also be in her music video for "Come Out Alright," which will be directed by Kyle Brown Watson and shot on Saturday, December 12 at A-Space Anarchist Community Center. Free pizza, drinks, and fun will be provided.


Little Strike Hits a Universal Chord at Bourbon & Branch Oct. 14

Tamar Dart, a.k.a. Little Strike, cultivates eclectic, thought-provoking electropop. Her confidently elegant vocals draw one’s concentration toward her consciously positive and hopefully uplifting messages. Leading listeners on a tour of lyrically guided experiences driven by a system of relaxed beats, guitar, keys etc. Mindfully aware, embracing imperfections while attempting to consistently improve and grow, Little Strike tactfully hits a universal chord. Tonight at Bourbon & Branch, she will be joined by the earth-pulsating, deep-etching blues of The Ill Fated Natives. Having just released a new album Limbs, Athens, Georgia psych-rockers Houston In The Blind dabble with atmospheric shifts in noise while largely maintaining a clean and clear folk-dreaming vibe. The beautifully bright jazz-folk of San Francisco’s Vessna Scheff completes this shimmering lineup. Bourbon & Branch 705 N. 2nd St., 7pm, $10, 21+ - Michael Colavita


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