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Modern Diet

Pecas bring mellow psychedelia to Mercury Lounge on 06.30

Brooklyn indie rock quartet Pecas will be playing Mercury Lounge on June 30th in support of Modern Diet. On their 2014 release, Dwelling, songwriter Sandy Davis paints pictures of the quiet despair and contemplation that occurs in the midst of a relationship's slow decline. Reverb-drenched vocals, warbling keys and tremolo-laced electric guitars lend a fittingly melancholy ambiance. Listen to "Keeper" below! - Ethan Ames

Modern Diet Release Imaginative Animated Video For Song Red Eye

Literary rockers Modern Diet, our fresh artist of the month, have released an imaginative animated video for their latest track “Red Eye” (streaming below).  Visual artist Jaron Lionel depicts dreamlike scenarios based on lyrics which juxtapose relationship struggles against a doomed airline flight.  Initially sparse and moody, the track develops on top of a dynamic bass guitar phrase, while sustained guitar atmospherics hold steady over softer shuffling percussion.  Reaching the central hook, lyrics detail being “on a nonstop with nowhere to go” as they’re “asleep in the eye of the storm,” leaving little doubt this is a troubled ride. The slow burn builds to a majestic coda of reverberated “ooooh wah” vocals, forceful guitar chord accents and jazz-styled drum fills. “Wake up in a cold sweat, Not coming back to bed, Plane crash and a wet dream, 747 under fitted sheets, Where she’s waiting for me, I will not go to sleep.”  It’s a powerful track and video that incorporates the grand storytelling of Arcade Fire with the jazzy touches of Steely Dan. - Dave Cromwell


A Deli NYC Premiere: Modern Diet's double single "Karenina // Basement"

Few things in the life of this little blog are more satisfying than putting the spotlight on musicians that actually deserve it. Jake Cheriff, Dan Hemerlein, Harry Terrell and Bernardo Ochoa, also known as NYC's Modern Diet, have put together a cleverly crafted double single—"Karenina // Basement"—off their forthcoming album, 'Sit Down and Dance.' Two seconds into "Karenina", a honeyed, wistful vocal sings "leave me alone"—but it's not that easy to comply, for we've already been given good reasons to stay. Shortly afterwards, an energy-driven montage of drums, guitars, and bass surges in and takes the lead. Throughout the song, the energy is strategically interrupted by a downtempo breakdown, which emphasizes the reprise. "Basement" plays this in reverse, interlacing a prominent laidback groove with heaps of energy. If you get tired of clicking the play buttons down below, word on the street is Modern Diet will be performing a secret gig December 3rd in NYC. Join SoFar Sounds to find out where. - Ashley Muniz


Modern Diet plays Shea Stadium on 07.26

New York band, Modern Diet, certainly stays to true to their name, offering a modern mesh of indie pop and soul with some jazz undertones. Upbeat single, “Echo Parade” (from this year's debut LP MD So Far) comes full circle as it begins calmly, presumably describing the uncertainty of love in the summertime, and builds up as the singer gets to the point, saying, “let’s slip and slide and sleep together again.”  The song takes a turn with instrumental focus, questioning the same cycle and repetition of love, and finishes in the calm way it started. Be sure to catch the band on at Shea Stadium on July 26th with Roofer’s Union, Special Guest and Del Water Gap. - Madeleine Grossman


From The Deli NYC's submissions: Modern Diet

Add Modern Diet to your collection of well-named bands. There's a number of ways to listen to this group, and all of them result in well-balanced aural meals. On the one, they are what happens to rock n' roll when it cross-pollinates with R&B. Sort of like The Dismemberment Plan if they went to more Phish concerts. But it's also a confessional of the most intimate order, cutting deep to the bone of what singer Jake Cheriff is concerned with. From the state of his bedroom ('Modern Diet'), to getting unexpectedly lost ('Lazy Beat'), their record 'Commuter EP' shows you all sides of this diverse three piece, from pain to joy, to fret-tapping guitar solos.

See it all come together when they play at Muchmores on December 6th. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets).

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