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The Retinas

Weekend Warrior, May 19 - 21

This year’s Deli Philly Best Emerging Artist in Indie Rock, The Retinas, will headline a three-layered billing of Philly up-and-comers this Saturday at Ortlieb’s. Fuzzy, humid garage-punk permeates, as the loose, hazed-over relatability ricochets between the band and its audience. While employing a casual air, revealing lyricism invites you in. Then, those simmering, suburban storyboards reach a tipping point and scorch. Melding rubber-burning, fuzz-filtered fury with relaxed, melodic grooves, Tangiers zigzags the threshold of intensity, while relative newcomers, Lally, exhibit an inherently gritty, infectious batch of rock.

Also, this Sunday at the NoLibs watering hole, the adventurous psych/jazz guitar exploits of Nick Millevoi tear into the  underexplored, aided on the billing by the perception-altering, sonic-wanderings of Chicago trio Mako Sico and the ever-evolving, investigative musicality of Jeff Zeigler. – Michael Colavita

More places to discover new music this weekend…
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Hardwork Movement, West Philadelphia Orchestra, SAT Wild at Heart
Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) FRI Creem Circus, SAT Spill, Past Life
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Resilient, Shark Tape, The Year End/Backslider/Shawn Ryan, Chris B, Dr. Plotkin, SAT Line Leader, Pilkington/DJ PHSH, Cosmo Baker
Bourbon & Branch (705 N. 2nd St.) SAT Big League, SUN The Orange Drop
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.)FRI DJ FR8TRAIN, SAT Purling Hiss, Dark Web, SUN Blizzy Trill, Chyna Blakk, Lui Blonco, Brucey Da Rapper, Ace Spitz, Dub The Best Kept Secret
TLA (334 South St.) SAT Civil Youth, Sonnder, The GoAround, Leo Moon
The Foundry (1000 Frankford Ave.) FRI New Sound Brass Band
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) SAT (Downstairs) Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band, SUN (Downstairs) Ben Kessler
 The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI The Ridiculous Fantastic, Professor Maybe, Dave Cope, SAT Ghost Ghang, MC Blackwolf, 3xile, SUN Camp Candle, Andre Altrez
The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave.) FRI Andross, Resting, Amora/A Day Without Love, Joshua Adair, Christopher Burkholder, SAT The Primaries/Only on Weekends, SUN Endless Taile, I Am Not The Universe
Ortlieb’s Lounge (847 N. 3rd St.) FRI Radiohead Ok Computer 20 Year Anniversary Show: Lovers League, Vilebred, Owl And Wolf, Dwight Remington, Dani Mari, SAT The Retinas, Tangiers, Lally, SUN Nick Millevoi/Brian Osborne, Jeff Zeigler
Silk City (435 Spring Garden St.) FRI Bo Bliz, Low Budget, SAT DJ Deejay
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) SAT The Rootsetters, SUN Rusty Cadillac
Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th St.) FRI Hail, Hail Rock 'N' Roll: A Tribute To Chuck Berry: Rev. TJ McGlinchey , Mike Tyler, Sheena & Thee Nosebleeds, Dreadful, Awful Bradley Keough and The Muck Savages, Delmonaco, Jamie Olson, Chris (Griz) Grunwald, Dirty Soap Blues Band, The TC Cole Riot, SAT Italian Market Festival: T.C. Benjamin, Ivy Rand, The Whiskey Effect, Dan Collins, Katie Barbato, Lovers League, Railrod Fever, T.C. Cole Riot Southwork /Audio Impulse, Cast Shadows, The Wallace Bros. Band, Kenty Love, Alright Junior , Bern & The Bastards, Biz Mighty, Dwight Remington, Vital Stats, S.R. Frost & the Sanctuary Band, Fenris, Bunny Savage, Adventure Lost,SUN Kelvin Cochrane, George Engel, No Good Sister, Endless Taile, You Do You, Jacopo & The Late Saints, Vilebred, Dr. Beardface & The Spaceman, Cold Roses/RW Griswold, Chad Jenkins Band, Sweet Euerka, The Jawn, Behind the Grandstand, Secret Nudist Friends, The Dead Flowers, Blushed, The Good Mess, The Droogettes, The Founders, Parasitix, FTS
Voltage Lounge (421 N. 7th St.) SAT Heavy Temple, Holy Smoke
Morgan’s Pier (221 N. Columbus Boulevard) FRI DJ Beatstreet, SAT Menace Cartel
Frankie Bradley’s (1320 Chancellor St.) SUN Guardians of the Galaxy: A Bare and The Bold Burlesque Tribute
The Grape Room (105 Grape St) FRI Edenspore, Momonita, Rasan In The Heyday, The Easily Fooled
Ardmore Music Hall (23 E. Lancaster Ave.) SAT Flightschool, SUN Philadelphia Songwriters Project: Final Showcase: Jay Carlis, Emily Drinker, Jason McGovern, Laura Promiscuo, Adam Web, Rose Vizza, Sarah Shoumer
The Pharmacy (1300 S. 18th St.) FRI Carved Up, Steve Layman, Loadcard, SAT J. Galleo, Red Squirrel, Whoopsydaisy, Hugo Hefe, Sour Spirit/Narcos, Green Meteor, Electric Horsemen, Supine, SUN Brandish, Merit

The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Indie Rock Artist: The Retinas!

The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Artists 2017 Poll kicked things off last week with the Indie Rock category, and we now have the first results to share with you. After compiling the jurors', readers'/fans' and writers' votes, congratulations go out to The Retinas! The band made us take notice last year with the release of its killer EP chaba, and as we wait with great anticipation for the group's next album of new material, the trio just released a collection of older singles, which is aptly named (singles), to make the time pass a little more quickly. You can also pass the time by catching The Retinas in all their fuzzed-out glory later this month on Wednesday, February 22 at The Barbary. 

Also, runner-up in the Indie Rock category goes to RFA, whom we announced the other day had come out on top of the Readers'/Fans' Poll. And fledgling Philly outfit So Totally earned honorable mention, impressing with the group's debut EP a cheap close-up of heaven. Take a listen to the latest releases from all three of these rad bands below. We'll be revealing more results over the next few weeks, including this year's Overall Winner, so keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to vote for your favorite emerging Philly artists HERE

Weekend Warrior, October 14 - 16

It’s been another amazing year of music for us here at The Deli Philly. We are now into our 8th year of covering the local music scene, and it’s been an honor and privilege to share in this wonderful experience with you as the community continues to flourish in so many beautifully creative ways. It’s also that time of year again when our dedicated staff and I like to take this opportunity to let loose and celebrate the work that we’ve accomplished over this past year, and of course, we’d like you to join us. The whole Deli gang and I are quite amped about our upcoming Anniversary Bash, happening this Saturday night at PhilaMOCA with Suburban Living, LOUDS, and The Retinas, and we hope that you are too! We look forward to many more years of discovering the best emerging indie artists that Philly has to offer with you. So come out tomorrow night, bring the good vibes, and let’s get weird! And yes, there will be cake – specially made by yours truly! ;-) - Q.D. Tran

Other things to do that might not be as fun as The Deli Philly’s Anniversary Bash this weekend…
PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St.) SUN Scraaatch, LXV, Cc
Johnny Brenda’s (1201 N. Frankford Ave.) FRI Blood Sound, SAT Darla, SUN Field Mouse
Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad St.) FRI Kodiak Park, Grace Vonderkuhn, SUN Doggo, SteveO & The Crippling Addictions, Momma Hankton
Kung Fu Necktie (1250 N. Front St.) FRI Thin Lips, Soul Glo/Emmett Drueding, Emily Mineo/DJ Deejay, SUN Julia Hudak
Underground Arts (1200 Callowhill St.) SUN Ten Ton Hammer
Union Transfer (1026 Spring Garden St.) FRI Marian Hill
The Trocadero (1003 Arch St.) SAT Something Like Sound, Venture, Gainstrive, Paper Machines, Samsara
World Café Live (3025 Walnut St.) FRI (Upstairs) Greg Sover (CD Release), Mikey Junior, SAT (Upstairs) Andrew and the Rhythm Hounds, SUN (Upstairs) Dahi Divine
The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave.) FRI Misterbrymo & The Rough Sleepers, Lamme, SAT Paper Comets, Deadfellow, Oso, SUN Sycamore, Liberty Tribe, Primatives
MilkBoy Philly (1100 Chestnut St.) FRI American Dinosaur, SAT Kiska
Ortlieb’s Lounge (847 N. 3rd St.) FRI Creem Circus, Wyldflowers, SAT A Day Without Love (CD Release), Night Windows, Ragged Lines, SUN Cooley Black, G. Hearne, Pauly Bronco
Bourbon & Branch (705 N. 2nd St.) FRI Alexander Charles, Voss, Corey Lee, Major Van Winkle, DJ Andrew Kent, SAT Saver, George Engel Brooks, SUN Seoul Delhi, The Royal Noise
Silk City (435 Spring Garden St.) FRI Lee Mayjahs?, DJ Everyday, SAT DJ Deejay
Fergie’s (1214 Sansom St.) SAT Caroline Reese and Lizzie No, SUN Rusty Cadillac
Tin Angel (20 S. 2nd St.) FRI Vessna Scheff, SAT George Stanford
Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th St) FRI Roxy Rollz (Album Release), Cheerbleeders, SAT The Founders, Thorazine, Stepping Razor
Voltage Lounge (421 N. 7th St.) FRI Vicious Alliance, Generation Empty, Mike Saga, SUN Tray Digga
Frankie Bradley’s (1320 Chancellor St.) SAT Ed Christof
The Foundry (1000 Frankford Ave.) SAT Gun$ Garcia (DJ Set), SUN OCD: Moosh & Twist
The Grape Room (105 Grape St.) FRI Bazmati Vice, Abe Froman Band, SAT Sharktape, Paperface
Ardmore Music Hall (23 E. Lancaster Ave.) FRI Echoes, SAT David Uosikkinen’s In The Pocket
The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St.) SUN Composing the Tinnitus Suites 2016: ensemble mise-en
The Pharmacy (1300 S. 18th St.) SAT Moor Mother, Downtrodder, Solarized
Eris Temple Arts (602 S. 52nd St.) FRI On The Water, Jonagold
Vox Populi (319 N. 11th St.) FRI Nick Millevoi/Daniel Levine/Brian Osborne, Zaki Hagins & Ross Griebenow
Girard Hall (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more information.) FRI Birthday Ponies (EP Release), Kingfisher, OhBree, Line Leader, SUN NAH, Soul Glo
All Nite Diner (Please contact one of the acts ore venue for more info.) FRI Teen Spaceship
The Cable Box (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI Bloom, Sadhound
The Kennel (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) FRI Giancarlo Pignetti and Massimo Pignetti, Harmony Woods, Rachel L.
New Planet (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.) SAT Crooked Spine (EP Release), Bruise Bath, Sarah M.
Smokey's Regal Estate (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.)  SAT Evan King

Playlist: The Deli Philly's Anniversary Takeover of Y-Not Radio

Thank you, all, who tuned in yesterday to Y-Not Radio for The Deli Philly's takeover, and extra special thanks to Josh T. Landow for the invitation and support over the years! Below is the playlist that I shared, and if you haven't taken a listen to it yet, please feel free to do so now and enjoy. As always, I hope that you discover your new favorite artist and latest obsession. You deserve it. TREAT YO SELF! - Q.D. Tran

The Retinas – “Accident”

Abi Reimold – “Morning”

Eric Slick – “The Dirge”

Allison Crutchfield – “Rose Knows”

NAH – “Same Fucking Line”

RemoteControl – “Wasteland”

The Writhing Squares – “Astral Trane”

The Afterglows – “Born Again”

Spring Onion – “Egg (Driving Song)”

Cherry – “Alligators”

Jo Kusy – “New Devil Beat”

Honey Radar – “Ft Wayne Mermaids”

Them Jones – “Outburst”

Queen of Jeans – “Rollerdyke”

Suburban Living – “Lovely Times”

LOUDS – “Speak”

Residuels – “Valley Of Fire”


The Deli Philly's Anniversary Bash w/Suburban Living, LOUDS & The Retinas at PhilaMOCA This Saturday!

We hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely fall weather, and getting in a great mood this week as we prepare for The Deli Philly’s 8th Anniversary Bash this Saturday, October 15 with our friends at PhilaMOCA! We’ve already shared that the post-garage, slacker rock of The Retinas and the joyous indie pop of LOUDS will be joining us in celebrating this momentous occasion. And now, we are psyched to announce that our pals Suburban Living will be headlining the evening’s festivities.
After spinning the righteous tunes for last year’s bash (which was an absolute blast), we were happy to hear that Wesley Bunch and the gang wanted to return once again for a special full-band performance. Come join us for the feels & experience why you’ll never want to miss a Deli Philly Anniversary Bash again! (More info about the party HERE.) Much love! - Q.D. Tran


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