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Shelf Life

New Track: "Ginger Tea" - Shelf Life

Scotty Leitch, a.k.a. Shelf Life, will release his latest album, Christian Coated Ethical Arena, early next week (April 3). It’s latest glimpse, “Ginger Tea,” hangs in an intimate, disenchanting space. The calm closeness of soft, cohabitating lead vocals is countered by the friction and promise of an external storm. Shelf Life is also slated to perform on Thursday, April 6 at The Pharmacy with Blue Smiley, Fond Han, and Options.

New Shelf Life EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

More of Double, the latest EP from Shelf Life, stirs, led in most part by strumming acoustic guitar with flecks of keys/electronics. Open honesty compels in an unguarded manner as the lyrics dig deep below the surface. These pared-back songs pull one closer, placing the spotlight on the lyrics and leaving it open to interpretation. The overall feel is endearing. Soak in the delicate melancholy remembrance, and head out to All Night Diner this Friday, February 10, where Shelf Life is slated on a bill that also includes Brittle Brian, Chef Kiss, and Microsoft Saint.


New Track: "Congratulations" (Post Malone Cover) - Shelf Life

Shelf Life, a.k.a. Scott Leitch, recently put his own spin on Post Malone’s "Congratulations". Draped in a lo-fi aesthetic, the take dials things back a bit while retaining a residual sense of positivity. You can catch Shelf Life performing next in Philly at All Night Diner on Friday, February 10 with Microsoft Saint, Brittle Brian, and Chef Kiss.

New Shelf Life LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Scott Leitch, a.k.a. Shelf Life, has released a new full-length album Spirit Bear. The collection of songs captures a pared-down, earnest vibe. However, while anchored in acoustic simplicity, the album ventures in different directions, establishing strong, melodic,  pop-rock grooves that open up in an illuminating fashion; conversely, a shadier grunge element also becomes visible. It isolates, stripping down the exterior world, hitting the personal core, and then jutting out of the darkness.

Loose Tooth Accelerates Into Top Gear at KFN Sept. 3

Rowdy, rambunctious, rumbling, percussion pummeling serves as the blunt energetic force behind the slow-burning, emotive fuse of Loose Tooth. There’s a somewhat sentimental stewing as the melodic pop-punk narratives unfold, and then the switch flips; the quartet accelerates into top gear, bringing an aggressive avalanche of sound along the way. The lyrically incisive yet playful electro-folk, bedroom-pop of Scott Leitch, a.k.a. Shelf Life, and the seductively smooth yet consistently surging sounds of Blue Smiley will be joining them. And performing for the first time in Philly, New York-based Poppies completes this Guild presented event at Kung Fu Necktie tonight. Kung Fu Necktie 1250 N. Front St., 7pm, $7, 21+ (Photo by Peter Murray) - Michael Colavita


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