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Úlfur's New LP "Arborescence" Out October 2017

Úlfur, the post-rock project of Úlfur Hansson, readily reflects the artist's native Iceland. At times, his songs are as desolate and expansive as the country's central highlands, a trait shared in the music of some of his fellow Icelanders, like Sigur Rós or Ólöf Arnalds.

However, Úlfur's blend of electronic and acoustic instruments (some of which are homemade like his SEGULHARPA, an electromagnetic harp) never feels alienatingly robotic or inhuman. Úlfur's music is a nuanced reflection of the natural world. Since his move to NYC, his music has exchanged its wilderness sensibility for dreamier, folk-like soundscapes. Make sure to check out Úlfur's new single "Fovea" from his upcoming album Arborescence, available next month. --Amanda Ogea

Humiliation, by The Dreebs, an experimental project you don't wanna miss

We have an interesting project to share with you guys, one that slipped through our coverage cracks several years ago. Humiliation is an EP from The Dreebs, a band that has recently performed with Guerilla Toss, and was even mentioned by their lead singer. The fellow experimental rockers create a dreary, unstable soundscape throughout through ambient, looming guitar chords backed by drawn-out vocals and hums, like on the track “Wanton Eye”. They even bring forth a more rock-oriented vibe later on the track “The Wall,” which at points sounds like a gloomier version of Radiohead's Kid A. But as they hint at something recognizable, they lose all touch with reality in their closing track, “Godfather II”, easily the harshest song on the EP. The highlight of the track (and arguably the entire project) is the borderline dissonant guitar riff that continues for two straight minutes, until an eruption into noise rock closes out the EP. Check out the unique work below from The Dreebs. - Pearse Devlin


Late Sea Unveils Video "Ring the Bells"

Brooklyn avant-rock group Late Sea's new music video "Ring the Bells" is a collision of ominous visuals and orchestral textures, a cryptic narrative steeped in mystery. The music video tells the story of Jewish-Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza. Composer and vocalist Izzy Gliksberg describes Spinoza: “His story lies not only in his hermetic, esoteric, mind boggling philosophy, but also in his expelling from his community and what he suffered from being faithful to his thoughts and dreams.” The stunning cinematography of "Ring the Bells" is no less than brain-teasing and perplexing, and paired with the gorgeous, simple horn and string arrangements, the video is beautifully captivating. - Geena Kloeppel


NYC mad psych rockers Worthless announce release of 'Barrel of Barrows' LP

Life’s A Garden and Soil It are the commanding titles of NYC-based Worthless’ latest album and opening track. In this coy contradiction, Worthless introduces us to the play of their extreme, vintage sounding, "scary-clown" inspired psychedelia. With fun-house organs, clattering mallets, and the occasional whiny vocal harmonies, the band embraces anything strange and confusing. After nine album releases on their stacked bandcamp, another record full of ideas and experimentation, entitled "Barrel of Barrows" is set for an October 6th release on label Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Their name maybe be worthless, but their repertoire of music speaks otherwise. 


Dark Satellite's chilling post hardcore

We have an intriguing two-song demo to share with you guys released back in April from SF's Dark Satellite. The post-rock demo begins with a brilliant incorporation of Charlie Chaplin's iconic speech from The Great Dictator, fusing it with hardcore noise-rock buildup, ultimately unleashing into "La Valette", a mostly instrumental track with screechy math and post-hardcore influences. Check out the band's work below and keep an eye out for upcoming shows. The band recently also unveiled a video for track "A Star is Dying" - watch it here.- Pearse Devlin


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