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Twist and shout with Egg Cream's new LP, plays Alphaville 1.7

Jangle pop project Egg Cream crafts vintage bops evocative of sock hops and soda bars with a grunge-y twist. New record Can’t Stop The Cream is a smattering of concise, primarily minute-and-change songs characterized by catchy hooks, drum machines, bravado-laden vocals and synth flairs, creating music you’d expect from a parallel dimension Buddy Holly. This album will immediately be at home with fans of Christopher Owens / Girls, or those with a penchant for rockabilly seeking a more contemporary spin on the genre; give it a listen bellow, and see Egg Cream at Alphaville on January 7th alongside Paddlefish and ZZZwalk.


Tall Juan goes full Cumbia on "Vienes y Te Vas," play Knitting Factory 12.20

Tall Juan’s psych-garage rock has been a consistent presence within the New York D.I.Y. scene of the last five years, but on new LP TALL JUAN PLAYS CUMBIA, the enigmatic artist exchanges guitar pedals for auxiliary percussion, opting for a more genre-specific album that retains all the charm and quirks of his existent releases. Single “Vienes y Te Vas” is a sunny cover of a cumbia staple, and while a departure from the fast and rough sound we’ve come to associate with Tall Juan, feels instantly familiar. Coupled with tongue-in-cheek video of the artist playing music on the beach and the occasional superimposed sappy imagery, and you’ve got an alt-latinx bop tucked away for warmer months. Watch it below, and catch Tall Juan at Knitting Factory tonight.


Oddysseys debut year-end dreampop dual singles, play Lilypad Inman 12.28

Boston’s Oddysseys are delighting this December with a dual single release sure to catch your attention. “Testimony” and “Goon” complement one another with their lo-fi edge and dreampop sheen displayed at different tempos—both equally satisfying. The speedy pace of the drums in “Testimony” create along with sparkling-lingering guitar chords, a retro soundscape that brings out the brightest colors of ‘80s dreampop while finishing with light strokes of modern indie rock. “Goon” is far more atmospheric a track, yet its fat groove is undeniable as a voluptuous bassline drives the song into the euphoric breakdowns that characterize Oddysseys. The vocal delivery on both tracks should also be noted: “Goon” displays a softer and more sensitive tone while “Testimony” a confident baritone. Both singles stand on their own just fine, but together they are part of a greater work that demands it be appreciated as a whole. The band is set to perform at Lilypad Inman in Cambridge, MA, on December 28th. Stream the singles below for a ticket to a dreamworld rich in character. - Rene Cobar

HARD JOB's "Carvest" is not for the faint of heart, plays Alphaville 12.19

Carvest, the latest LP by Brooklyn-based polymath Scott D. Townsend (recording under the project name HARD JOB) splits the difference between Townsend’s lively, melodic songwriting and a vast array of experimental, instrumental parts. The album opens with “I Look at Miserable,” a 90s rock inspired track that showcases Townsend’s bombastic, raw vox against a repeating, major bass loop, squealing riffs, and a floor tom heavy percussive line; this sound quickly transitions to “White Noise,” a song underpinned by reverb heavy drums and a persistent noisy hum alongside Townsend’s bright, alternative radio-friendly vocals. Later HARD JOB goes full art pop with “Dating In Your 30’s,” a fun upbeat tune supported by a constant kitschy metronome-like beat and various echoing electric guitars. Overall, Carvest is a deeply interesting and wholly disorienting effort, cohesive in its creator’s desire to reinvent a plethora of different genre influences in his own image, making for a fascinating listen. Stream it below, and catch HARD JOB at Alphaville on December 19th, alongside Painted Faces, Human Flourishing, and Video Daughters. —Connor Beckett McInerney


All hail Seldomo’s psych rock “Scrap King,” play Hart Bar 12.20

Irreverent genre-wanderers Seldomo are seemingly never comfortable putting out the same flavor of music album after album. Their latest double single Insomnia / Scrap King is a hard pivot from their 2017 folk-tinged LP Probably Cool, informed by the same delightfully weird songwriting yet noticeably more discordant; both tracks’ psych-surf-stoner-rock sound feature heavy riffs, an abrasive drive, and the additional saxophone accents. It’s recommended listening for fans of The Oh Sees and screaming in general; jam it below, and catch Seldomo at Hart Bar on December 20th.


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