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The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Artists 2017: Punk/Metal Poll Is Up!

Ladies and Gents,

We continue The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Artists 2017 Poll, and are about to get heavy with the Punk/Metal categories! You can see (and vote for) any of the 8 finalist HERE. You can also check them all out below!

The Folks at The Deli


King Woman talks about gear, plays release party on 02.17 at Starline

If the ground were to one day crack open, and the sounds of Tartarus began to seep out of the earth, I'd like to imagine the hellish cacophony would sound a bit like King Woman. The San Francisco-based four-piece crafts the sort of doom metal that seems to herald the bridging of our dimension and the underworld. Kristina Esfandiari's vocals envelop the band's tracks with the precision of a hushed, siren song, while the band--composed of Colin Gallagher on guitar, Peter Arensdorf on bass and Joey Raygoza on drums--punctuate her ethereal singing with fuzzy, dark soundscapes and angular riffs. On the heels of their soon-to-be-released album, Created in the Image of Suffering, Collin and Peter were kind enough to share their current pedal set ups, and the techniques they used to get the visceral sounds heard on their album. - Olivia Sisinni

Read the interview here, and fon't miss the band live at their new album release party at Starline Social Club on February 17.


Let Gidrah Soothe Your Soul

Have the last few days got you blue? Do you find your emotions operating on a scale ranging from incredible anger to crying-into-your-whiskey sadness? Truth be told, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It's safe to say anyone with a brain likens the same frought conclusions as you, but with so much BLAH going around, what musical offering could possibly soothe our societal pain? A big dose of Gidrah just may be in order.

Sure, metal may not change the current political climate, but Gidrah's crusty sludge is just as heavy as our hearts, serving as a close sonic alignment to our collective feelings. The most recent winners of our Artist of the Month poll dropped their demo no more than two years ago but the intensity of their at times bluesy riffs, seasoned with hints of breathy punk rawness and an overall atmospheric weightiness that encompasses the glum mysteriousness of existence, make for the best form of stoner doom metal to let your mind escape to.

From their Eh, Fuck It Dude, Let's Go Destroy Cities (a message that is even more relevent now) demo to their most recent split release with doomy duo Urchin, we need more Gidrah and we need them now. 

Supertouch brings heavy jams to St. Vitus 1/19

The 90’s were a time filled with gritty, grungy, sloppy, yet wonderful alt-rock music and Supertouch was no exception. With a musical style in the vein of contemporaries like Mudhoney, Melvins, and Bad Brains, Supertouch still managed to have their own sound and left a mark on music with their powerful riffs and F-You demeanor. After reuniting in 2010 (and losing none of their 90s swagger) the band is still killing it and will hit St. Vitus with Into Another and High Discipline on January 19th. Check them out live, and be sure to stream them below.-Jocelyn Huggler

Mood Music: Burials - 'Laccolith'

 Proggressive metal mavens Burials have taken shredding to a whole new level since their self-titled debut back in 2009. Though we've only seen one other release from them so far, 2013's The Tide, the boys are back with a new split with the black metal messiahs of Los Angeles, Exhausted Prayer. That split ever so appropriately dropped yesterday, on the first Friday the 13th of 2017, and its release show is tonight.

One of our favorite local doom bands Usnea will be playing, along with Chico, California's Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy and newer outfit Tithe, with this being their first show. Get in the mood and catch them all tonight at the High Water Mark. Proceeds from the $8 show are going to Planned Parenthood.


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