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Malion Exudes Dirgy Grunge Themes On New "Underground" Video

 Malion are a trio of grunge purveyors who exude dirgy garage rock sounds with harrowing vocals.  Having released their first EP back in 2014, Malion just released  their latest EP, Troglodyte, which bubbles and ruptures into a sludge-filled void of musical darkness.  The band’s latest music video for their song “Underground” mirrors their sound in it’s roughshod production and depiction of grimy downtown ennui.  While Malion may still be an ‘underground’ band, they’ve got an oddly infectious disaffected charm that seeps through to listeners.  Check out their new music video here:

-Lee Ackerley



Ornaments deliver moody post-hardcore vibes to Cake Shop 10/19

There's definitely a visceral gut-kick reaction when you listen to NY-based band Ornaments, but what makes the group stand out is the impassioned, poignant vibes pumping through their music. The band manages to craft aggressive soundscapes with luscious depth and delicate layering, however they cast them against an emotional rawness and stomach-wrenching hardcore vocals. The sound is something that dares you to contend with feelings you thought you forgot about. Listen to Ornaments streaming below, and catch them live at Cake Shop 10/19 with Only Sibling, Sparrows, and Safety.-Olivia Sisinni

Aberrant Phase Gears Up to Release New Album on Halloween

​The San Francisco based metal, math rock band​, Aberrant Phase​ ​is gearing up to release a new album entitled, Below. This dark, merky metal record will appropriately be released next month on Halloween. You can get a taste of Below's vibe and tone by checking out their new single, Anodyne​. Enjoy the new music and support independent musicians!​


NYC Record of the Month: Bangladeafy - "Narcopaloma"

We are here, desperately tapping the big HELP button on our Life Alert pendant because the latest release from NYC's Bangladeafy has left us bowled over on the floor. Narcopaloma, the band's newest EP, is an unrelenting chaos machine, delivering proggy riffage at its absolute best--there's not a single passage on here that feels either half baked or overworked. The duo of Jon Ehlers and Atif Haq also drop such technically intense licks that any four-piece band would be left eating their dust. Make no mistake, Narcopaloma is a mammoth work (well deserving of multiple listens), but it manages to feel consistently innovative rather than overly indulgent. The record kicks off with "Termites," a frenzied, sonic bomb that deals in both sledge-hammer, driving, brutishness, and jazzy, finessed grooves. "Act Like An Adult," the album's third track, bursts its way through melodies, and puts Haq's slick drum chops on full display. The EP's devilish bends and turns culminate in "Trillionaire," a tune that somehow forges the band's melodic mathcore affection with Latin-feel ostinato. It's an unlikely match, but then again, there's nothing predictable about this band. Check out "Termites" off Narcopaloma streaming below, and seriously, do yourself a favor and check out Bangladeafy playing with Seven)Suns and Cleric 9/27 at St. Vitus. We'll hedge our bets now that these are guys to watch. - Olivia Sisinni

New England Record of the Month: Astronoid (live at Great Scott on 09.13)

Boston’s Astronoid interject beautifully dreamy instrumentation and ethereal vocals into black metal on their impressive debut full length Air, which was released in June on the Finnish metal label Blood Music. It cohesively blends shoegaze, thrash, prog-rock, black metal, and punk to form what they call “dream thrash”. While the five-piece embraces the clean atmospheric sounds of post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky, they also offer a pummeling and swift assault of black metal blast beats that shows off drummer's Matt St. Jean’s solid skills. Instead of resorting to the usual harsh and guttural screams the black metal genre is known for, vocalist Brett Boland uses an elegantly clean vocal delivery that channels the airy sounds of popular shoegaze acts such as Slowdive and Ride. It would be easy to lose sight of their goal on an LP that pulls from an eclectic group of influences, but Astronoid do a fantastic job at forging a sound that stays consistent throughout the album. They will be playing at Great Scott on September 13th in support of Ghost Bath! - John Honan


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