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Backslider Opening for Pig Destroyer at Union Transfer Sept. 9

With rapid-fire menace that hits like a sludge hammer, the trio of Backslider seemingly operates on one mode - full-bore. One can hear their instrumental onslaught approach from as far as those roaring guttural vocals can call out. And the deep-churning backend projects a ferociously imposing ominous tone, ripping through any obstacle that lies in its path with unblinking eyes. Tonight at Union Transfer, they’ll be joined by the primal-passion of apocalyptic grindcore outfit, Secret Cutter, in setting the stage for the possessive thrashing of Virginia’s Pig Desroyer. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St., 8:30pm, $20, All Ages - Michael Colavita


New Music Video: "Cold Blooded" - Hound

Hilariously showcasing footage from Perry Shall’s bar mitzvah in 1998 (filmed by Joe Grisafi), the new music video for Hound’s “Cold Blooded” gets weird in a raging, good-natured way. Found on their 2015 release Out Of Space (SRA Records), the power trio's blistering, full-go sonic mentality unites with Mike Simpson’s editing prowess, creating candid moments by zooming in at opportune times, establishing a new contextual framework. You can catch Hound at Ortlieb's on Friday, November 11 with Ape!, Tournament, and ToWer.


New Music Video: "Try To Disappear" - Baroness

Local metal gods Baroness just shared a new music video for the track "Try To Disappear," found on the band's latest album Purple, the group's first since its horrific tour bus accident in 2012. Director Jimmy Hubbard pieces together live performance footage and backstage moments to capture the energy of a Baroness show. The band is currently on the road heading through the South, and will be back in the PA area on Saturday, September 17 for the Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival at Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, PA. (Photo by Jimmy Hubbard)


Imaginary Hockey League play Velvet Lounge on 8.28

The indie rock and black metal worlds don’t come together often, but Imaginary Hockey League have proven that when they do, it can be a wonderfully weird combination. On their album We’ll Get Better One Day, the outspoken transgender punks ambitiously mix pop-punk, emo, black metal, and hardcore. I Promise. Most of the songs are over the four minute mark and are packed with tonal shifts that feel extremely natural even when they shouldn’t. The opening track, and shortest track, starts off with an instrumental post-rock vibe similar to Explosions in the sky before spiraling into a poppy punk track that examines vocalist Chaz Monroe Atkinson’s desire to watch anime in bed instead of growing up and build their resume. The most interesting track on the album “Six Feet Under Frost” begins as strict black metal track with harsh vocals and speedy drums until it slows down the tempo with clean vocals and guitar tones. Imaginary Hockey League experiment with many different genres on the record, and they make it work in a natural way that never feels forced. They will be playing Braceface House in Laurel, MD on September 19th. - John Honan, photo by Daniel Cannistra.

White Widows Pact opens for Madball at St. Vitus on 8. 22

There was a time where the metalheads and hardcore kids were separated by their tastes in music and fashion, but as time went on hardcore bands such as Cro-Mags, Sick of It All, and Agnostic Front began to blur the lines between the two genres by releasing metal influenced hardcore records. Today’s hardcore scene is dominated by metalcore bands, and Brooklyn’s White Widows Pact are one of the more pummeling and interesting acts in this scene. On their debut full length True Will the quintet fuses the 90’s death metal and sludge metal with the groove of classic New York Hardcore bands like Madball and Biohazard. Frontman David Castillo’s (also of Primitive Weapons and co-owner of St. Vitus) lyrics are deeply personal, and are delivered in a throat shredding and vehement manner. White Widows Pact will be playing St. Vitus on August 22nd in support of one of their main influencers - Madball! - John Honan


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