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PLUSH to Perform as King Woman´s Special Guest at Starline Social Club - 6/19

The Oakland based band, King Woman will be finishing out their current tour with Wax Idols in their home town at Starline Social Club on June 19th.

Miserable songwriter and all around underground goth goddess, Kristina Esfandiari has lead King Woman into an amazing career. With that said, the band has not left behind their local community behind as they invited special guest, the promising local underground independent band, PLUSH to perform for their upcoming show. It goes without saying this is going to be a local show that shouldn´t be missed. It´s cool to see King Woman supporting local bands!


Three loud and dark locals playing St. Vitus in June: Primitive Weapons, River Cult, Yellow Eyes

New York has a long and rich history for heavy music. Many metal and punk acts have gotten their start coming through the five boroughs, and 2016 has proven that the heavy scene is still thriving in the city, where "black" venues like Greenpoint's St.Vitus do a great job to book the loudest artist around - locals included. We found three NYC artists in that venue's calendar that are worth covering:

Primitive Weapons (pictured) is a Brooklyn-based noise/metalcore outfit that just released their sophomore album The Future of Death on April 15th. Their brand of metallic hardcore is reminiscent of unforgettable metalcore acts like Botch, Converge, and Cursed, while also taking influence from post-hardcore acts such as Refused. Their track “Ashes or Paradise” highlights the band’s metallic crunch and aggressive style, but also puts their more melodic moments on display. Primitive Weapons will be playing St. Vitus on June 4th in support of Wax Idols & King Woman.

Also from Brooklyn, River Cult is a new heavy psych rock band who just started playing shows in April. Their self-titled EP was released in February, and it features three lengthy songs that use their runtime to create evolving layers of music. The track “Shadow Out of Time” starts off with squealing guitars and slow, looping drums until the tempo shifts and the band explodes into a fuzzy rock sound reminiscent of 90’s stoner metal act Sleep. River Cult will be playing St. Vitus on June 13th. Check out “Shadow Out of Time” below!

Sick With Bloom is the latest album from the black metal outfit Yellow Eyes. Released at the end of 2015, Sick With Bloom is a suffocating record characterized by an atmospheric nature and frenetic layers. The title track (streaming below) lulls the listener into a brief state of tranquility before erupting into a fury of shrieking vocals and relentless carpet of in that sets the pace for the rest of the record. They will be playing St. Vitus on June 9th.

The Deli's Best of SF Bay Area Playlist is updated!

Hey new music lurvers!

We just finished updating our SF Bay Area Best Emerging Artists Playlist, featuring all the best local up and comin talent we covered in the last few years! Check it out HERE!

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New Music Video: "We Are One" - Mose Giganticus

It's been nearly six years since we've heard any new music from local metal keytar maestro Matt Garfield, a.k.a. Mose Giganticus. Well, Garfield is back (on drums), and has teamed up with Red Planet producer Joe Smiley (on guitar). Check out the duo's beautifully lit music video for "We Are One"! Directed by Christopher Kayfield and Garfield, the heavy post-rock track is the follow-up to 2010's Gift Horse (which was released via Relapse Records), and is the first from the band's new ongoing digital Singles Series.

Hogwasche brings industrial metal to St.Vitus on 5.25

New York industrial metal outfit Hogwasche's excellent debut MBM has established them as the new heavy hitters in the EBM (Electronic Body Music) world. The band only had their first show in February of this year, and has already gotten to play shows with the wildly popular EBM and industrial act Youth Code. Hogwasche doesn’t just rely on electronic beats; guitarist and bassist Nix’s work adds to the band’s interestingly layered sound. They blend the EBM and metal genres by alternating between clean and screamed vocals. Hogwasche will be playing at Saint Vitus on May 23rd in support of Weedeater. Check out their opening single 'Escape a Curse' below!


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