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Where Is My Mind?: Creepoid's Sean Miller & Anna Troxell 

- by Q.D. Tran

There are definitely two stories that will always stand out in my mind when thinking about the band Creepoid. I once saw the band implode during a performance and nearly brawl on stage at Tritone, after just having such a good time drinking together before the show (definitely like five too many drinks that evening), but then all was good the next morning, and they were able to laugh about it over breakfast. Another classic was when the band’s van broke down in Alabama on their way back from their first trip to SXSW, and they ended up stuffing the nonfunctioning vehicle in the back of a U-haul to bring it home to Philly so it could be fixed (in order not to negate the van’s warranty) - all while taking turns sitting in the back of the U-haul in the van. It’s those unusual tales that help in defining Creepoid for me. They’re a talented group of unique characters, who are chill but can be quite volatile, at times, which reflects in their sound. But at the core, there is familial, misfit bond that propels the band forward and draws you into their music. And today, I’m happy to welcome the long-awaited release of the group’s sophomore self-titled LP, out once again via No Idea Records. It’s another must-have for your collection! I also had a chance to toss a few questions at Creepoid’s Sean Miller (guitar/vox) and Anna Troxell (bass/vox) before they headed off for tour and another hectic SXSW. Check out what they had to say below!
The Deli: There seemed to be a little bit of doubt about the release of this album and the future of Creepoid, at one point, during the making of the LP, but you look energized now. What helped bring that change?
Anna Troxell: We were never unsure that Creepoid would continue, despite lineup additions and Pete being in Texas for a while. As soon as Pete came back though, there was a definite shift towards feeling rejuvenated once again as the original four-piece. That being said, Jeff White was a great addition for the time he was with us, and we are very grateful that we shared the stage, and for his work on the record.
TD: With the band in different places, how did you write and record your latest LP?
AT: Most of the songs on the new LP have been written for a long time, such as “Old Tree.” Some of them, we wrote back in the winter of 2012 when we practiced at the Emoda Gallery in South Philly, and the rest was later that year. Jeff joined the band in the summer of 2012, while Pete was still here. At that point, the album was mostly written, but Jeff added the organ and lap steel. We recorded the drums and vocals with Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Fancy Time Studio) and the rest of the instrumentation with Jeff at his home studio (Chateau Blanco).
TD: How has Creepoid’s sound evolved from your first full-length album Horse Heaven to what we have on your latest?
Sean Miller: With Horse Heaven, we were all doing a lot of things for the first time. I think it has a more introverted feel to it as a whole. There were things going on that were very foreign to us. I think this new record is a bit more “open” in that sense... we've been able to loosen up and explore more as a complete band.
TD: What’s your favorite song on the record, and why?
SM: That's a tough question. For me, it's really a moment-to-moment thing. Besides, if all four of us ever came to a positive consensus on something, Creepoid would suddenly cease to exist.
TD: Most of the band lives in one home in West Philly now, and you’ve put together what looks like a makeshift, multilevel recording space. How is it setup? Have you started recording anything new there yet?
SM: Yes - we actually just finished something. We have a snake running 8 microphones downstairs. We set it up like children or cave men. We use strings to measure things and point at things, and hang things up with duct tape. It's really legit, and we are very professional about it. Like a real snake, like the animal.
TD: What’s your favorite thing about living in West Philly?
AT: The dude who sells incense in the middle of 52nd.
TD: You’re house is pretty awesome, and it’s next to a park, and you have a backyard as well. Any chance we can get a Creepoid neighborhood outdoor concert or festival this spring, summer or fall?
AT: Not a chance.
TD: Every member in the band is in a relationship now with relatively steady jobs, and all of you seem pretty happy. Is it a strange feeling for Creepoid?
AT: On the contrary, regular sex is a wonderful feeling and a true benefit to the band in general.
TD: What makes Creepoid - Creepoid?
AT: Weed, Wine ,Whiskey , green tee-shirts, long hair, short hair, side burns, glasses, sunglasses, boots and teeth.  
SM: Tremendous pain.
TD: You’ve been playing in bands for a while now. What do you wish someone told you when you were first starting off?
AT: Don’t be embarrassed if your Dad comes to your shows in the band’s tee-shirt. That’s really rad.
SM: Stay away from Town and Country Ford in Bessemer, Alabama.
TD: What are your upcoming plans to support the new album? Any things that you’d like to accomplish in 2014?
AT: We’ll be heading down to SXSW, Grave Face Fest in Savannah, and lots of other dates up and down the East Coast. On Record Store Day, we’re heading over to Chicago for the release of our premiere EP with Grave Face Records, Wet - so be on the look out for that. 2 more EPs will follow this year, and lots more touring. We hope that we don’t die. Also, it’d be  nice to sell lots of records.











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