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Sean Rowe
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Rough Trade

The Stray Birds "Nothing To Say About It Now" turns resignation into catharsis

 "Love has nothing to say about it now" sing Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven in unison, until de Vitry's voice vanishes into the distance with a repeated "nothing to say about it now..." The new Stray Birds' (de Vitry, Craven and Charlie Muench) single "Nothing To Say About It Now" creeps up from behind and pulls at your heartstrings unexpectedly. Somewhere between a crystal clear electric guitar that repeats the main vocal melody and a subtle acoustic guitar that drifts into the ether, this song completely stole my breath away. I'm surely not the only one eager to hear the band's new album Let It Pass, out 9/7. -Geena Kloeppel


New Jonny Clousson EP Available for Streaming & Download

Jonny Clousson, of North Carolina’s Almost People, recently shared a pair of tracks. The Two Cents EP gradually builds melodically in an uphill climb. A conversational, stream-of-consciousness lyricism opens an avenue into the emotive, internal monologue. Casual, contagious energy and sing-along-inspiring hooks make you want to stay there. Instead of getting caught up in the past or the future, slow it down, listen, and enjoy the moment.

New Music Video: "Mercy Me" - The Trust Fund Kids

As we wait his debut album, Kevin Connor, a.k.a. The Trust Find Kids, just dropped a new video for his new single, “Mercy Me”. Delivered via the nostalgic VHS medium, the footage peppers in points of pop culture, while also providing a playful look into the creative process. The song, which was mixed at Sleepless Sound and mastered by Ian Farmer (formerly of Modern Baseball) at The Metal Shop, captures that bouncy, youthful angst reminiscent of Weezer, whose t-shirt is conveniently adorned. The telepathic communication between Connor and his cat is a humorous scene, with whom many a pet owner can identify with.

Folkicana is a genre now, we've all been blessed (thanks to Riley Moore's "Pancakes and M&Ms")

Remember Sunday pancakes? Warm mornings on the front porch? Okay, perhaps that's a pretty stereotypical American childhood summer, so to our readers abroad- welcome to our nostalgia! Riley Moore's "Pancakes and M&Ms" is a real diamond in the rough when it comes to country/folk songs about growing up. Somehow, Moore has managed to make new an old concept- and it's not necessarily in the arrangement, which is folksy and nicely executed, but it's definitely in the lyrics. "Watch the sunrise / smell the pancakes / giving Robert Redford handshakes / never thought that they'd be green with M&M." Simple, yet mesmerizing. I might've teared up. Keep your eyes out for Moore's debut album and release show at the Radio Cafe on June 29th. -Geena Kloeppel




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