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New Circadian Rhythms Album Available for Streaming & Download

Finally, A Peculiar Kind of Afternoon, the new album from Circadian Rhythms, is available online. So now, as the temperatures continue to rise, one can quench his/her need for refreshing melodies. Whimsical, strolling, diverse instrumentation precisely paces and illuminates the voyage. Refining the sonic edges without weighing the listener down in the process, the band latest release lifts one into a joyous daydream of possibility.

Field Mouse talks about pedals on Delicious Audio

Philly and NYC-based Field Mouse have been known for their dreamy, shoegazey tunes, but while their hook filled songwriting is still on full display on their latest album, "Episodic," the five-piece's sound has evolved in a punchier direction, which is a bit more barefaced, and less shrouded by layers of fuzz and reverb. Our sister blog Delicious Audio recently spoke to the band about the tonal shift, and what kind of gear goes into the making of their music - check out the link below!

Q&A with Field Mouse about pedals and the creative process.


Visual Vices: Star Club - "Saturday Night"

On any given weekend night, it's possible to miss out on a great deal of happenings. If you care about it, the term is apparently deemed "FOMO" (fear of missing out) and if you don't care, well then you don't. But whether you lean more towards the introverted Netflix-and-chill solo type situation or if social interaction beckons you to leave your room, Star Club's "Saturday Night" is somehow appropriate for both instances. And its video is interestingly appealing.

In "Saturday Night," vocalist/guitarist Nate Lown can be seen having some sort of life crisis involving quite a bit of paint. It's honestly the kind of thing many of us left alone with lipstick, markers or really any type of pigment would do, before the painted reality sets in and we wash it off staring at our own reflection with concern. Add in pretty hued lights and some interesting film angles and "Saturday Night" becomes even more of what you want to watch whether you're leaving your house or not.

Check it out below.

Bands on the rise: Grim Streaker release debut EP at Wicked Lady 07.06

One of Brooklyn’s fiercest emerging bands will be releasing their debut EP next week. Grim Streaker, a five-piece punky outfit out of Brooklyn, will release Girl Minority, a four track collection, on July 7th. Their release show is scheduled for the day before at Wicked Lady, and, judging from the video below for single "Guts," we'll surely be in for a ferocious performance; the band has already picked up a reputation for their raucous, fanatical performances, that resurrect the intensity of 70s/80s punk rock. Singles “Psycho” and “Miami Girl” are ruthless punk anthems, carried by rapid drumbeats and bass lines, fuzzy guitar riffs, and abrasive, powerful vocal bursts from their charismatic lead singer, Amelia Bushell. – Pearse Devlin

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Garage rockers BIRDS share track “Get Away,” play St. Vitus on 07.08

With the recent roll out of lead single "Get Away" (streaming below), Brooklyn psych-rockers BIRDS prepare to release their debut album “Everything All At Once” on 8/18 through Greenway Records. Emerging from a two-chord progression similar to Iggy & The Stooges “Search & Destroy,” the single adds bass counter-melody and rising background vocals, positioning the track closer to a pop song. “I’ve been awake all morning, watching the light pour in. I keep away from stealing – I do my own healing,” describe the self-reflective lyrics. Catchy melodic lines unfold via speedy guitar lines woven in and around emphatic vocals. “I get away so easy” becomes the ultimate key line towards the end of a power-packed two and a half minute song. You can pre-order “Everything All At Once” now and catch them live at the Greenway Pop-Up + Free Day Show on July 8 at St. Vitus. - Dave Cromwell

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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