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Hayes Peebles channels expressive Americana in new single "I'll Be Fine"

Hayes Peebles’ cerebral folk has been permeating the Brooklyn scene since the release of his debut single, “Ghosts” (2016). A couple of singles, an EP and two acoustic b-sides later, Peebles has accumulated a collection of sparkling acoustic Americana that conjures bittersweet and melancholic thoughts. Just released earlier this week, his newest single, “I’ll Be Fine,” flows with a lighter tempo that remains grounded with expressive and heart-tugging lyrical content. Many artists make an effort to show the softer side of their taste, but tracks like “Short and Sweet” and “Bella” display the effortlessness of this artist’s melodic style. Though raised on indie rock idols Interpol and The Strokes, Peebles has wandered quite a bit from his roots with a style that channels the gentle spirit of Bob Dylan and the twang of Neil Young—but all rock is not lost. Sometimes you can snag a taste of his younger influences in songs such as “Straight to Hell,” which burns steadily through big-stadium blues riffs. Hayes has torn through his local scene and, with the help of industry acclaim, is quickly becoming one of most distinct emerging voices in folk music. Check out his new song “I’ll Be Fine” below and stream his full discography on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. - Rebecca Carroll

New Johnny Utah EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Z Tapes Records has compiled a collection of Johnny Utah singles, and released them as an EP/cassette, Big Dogs. A funky, R&B/soul vibe permeates throughout these five tracks. Mixing revealing,  bedroom-pop songwriting with omnipresent, potent grooves creates an instantly infectious energy. Sounds like the Big Dogs gots some bite.

Public Memory concludes tour with release show at Alphaville on 11/30

Having spent the month of November touring numerous west coast cities together, Felte Records label mates Public Memory and Devon Church celebrate their respective new releases with a show at Alphaville on 11/30. Robert Toher's Public Memory (previously featured here) released his second full-length album “Demolition” earlier this month, with lead single “The Line” (streaming below) making an immediate impresson. On an hypnotic trip-hop beat, layers of synths and samples create dark and atmospheric soundscapes. Vocals soon emerge within deeper padding textures as space is cleared for additional live drums. As the track continues to progress, elements of sampled voices materialize, adding one more element to its otherworldly nature. Both albums can be streamed everywhere and ordered at the Felte bandcamp page here. - Dave Cromwell

Small Crush well, crushes it, with latest album “Blush”

It’s hard to not be charmed by Oakland’s pop rock bunch Small Crush. They’re like The Strokes met a Weezerly guitarist and a crispy-wispy lady vocalist and threw in some extra smiles. Lyrics are often bittersweet and romantic in that man, I’ve been there, type of way. Take the song “Signal Dreams” from their latest album, Blush: “If I’m asleep or awake/what difference does it make/if you’re not here with me?” Killer melodies and like they say, Fun! Natural Fun! We agree and we’re not the only ones. Small Crush killed it at last summer’s Noise Pop and we can’t wait to see them again. Enjoy listening to their songs below and catch them at The Art Boutiki in San Jose on December 22, where they're playing with their Asian Man Record label mates Get Married. - Michelle Kicherer

Misty Mtn releases third EP teaser titled "We'll Call It Even"

Brooklyn’s Misty Mtn has had quite a year as they approach the release of their debut EP, set for release this Spring 2019. Drips and drops of singles and live performances have kept fans hooked to this band as they forge forward, leaving behind a thin trail of treats for us to keep nibbling on—their latest of which being their newest single, “We’ll Call It Even,” released November 19. As their third and possibly most inventive track in their string of EP teasers, this light jam gives a clean snapshot of the urban hustle and pursuing art in a big city.

Their first release as a duo was the sincere synth-driven single, “Greener,” premiered about a year ago. This song combines samples of mellow pop, folky rhythms and gorgeous melodies, blending with the band’s darker Nordic aesthetic to produce their self-coined genre, ‘dark mountain pop.’ Their single “Guess Who’s Back” was their second track to hit the NYC scene, and displayed their taste for adding an electronic edge to classic genres like post punk and RNB. This band’s consistently strong releases and imaginative sound leave little room for feelings other than anticipation for their upcoming material. Keep an eye out for the release of Misty Mtn’s debut EP coming out this Spring 2019, and stream “We’ll Call It Even” on Soundcloud. - Rebecca Carroll


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