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September 2015
"Hardcore Friends
Lithuania’s debut full-length album Hardcore Friends via Lame-O Records begins with the mad-dashing punk jolt of “God In Two Persons.” The song quickly gathers momentum as a rush of power chords and percussion develop an instantaneous flow of energy, and Eric Slick’s controlled agitation questions and states, “What is on your mind?/You do it all the time.” “Pieces” pushes a crusty grunge aesthetic, as the spoken lyrics linger, embedding them in one’s mind. “I need something that I can’t hold on to./Please believe I would never do you wrong.” What initially speaks to a fundamental instrumental rawness is balanced by a melodic refinement.
Dominic Angelella unlocks the window of vulnerability in “I Wanna Drink Poison.”  A simple percussion and guitar allow his delicate vocals to etch a confession that aches with authenticity. Eventually, the light breeze of instrumentation transforms into a powerful gust, and Angelella laments, “I Don’t See Anybody.” With it’s bare acoustic guitar lead, “Coronation Day” provides an uplifting tonal change - a brief yet well-placed breath of fresh air. “Deaf Gene” begins with a gentle drifting before reaching a high-pressure, uncorked rage -  “…My hands are tired it’s the first time since time…” releasing the frustration until Angelella’s vocals soothe Slick’s aggression giving it a moment to simmer before relinquishing the reins and roaring to its conclusion.   
Densely packed drums and guitar quickly rouse one’s senses in “Place Of No Tomorrow,” revving the engine between short yet effective exhibitions of force. Its vocals are exuberant, while still having a disgruntled bite as that universally need for a new scene appears in the chorus reverberates, “God, this part of town is killing me./I need to breathe and see the place of no tomorrow.” Closing with its title track, Hardcore Friends leaves a lasting impression. As Angelella poignantly questions, “If I fall in love with an idea again, if I fall in love, would you make sure that I’m careful with it?” The guest vocals of Frances Quinlan (Hop Along) and Rachel Browne (Field Mouse/Anomie) offer a dynamic sense of earnest support as the album rumbles to a close.
A pair of hardcore friends in Eric Slick and Dominic Angelella has sealed its brotherly bond with an album that fuses punk-rock attitude and assertiveness with a resounding melodic pop sensibility. The energy and emotion are palpable. - Michael Colavita

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Bring Your Ray Gun

Bring Your Ray Gun has released their self-titled EP. The band plays infectious dance pop and recently released a video for their track "The Waitress".

You can catch Bring Your Ray Gun for free @ Empty Bottle on Dec. 16th with Treasurer, Church Arts and She Speaks in Tongues.



Ryley Walker @ Saki

The name Ryley Walker is poised to become one of the more talked about names in Chicago. He just released his debut 12" EP via Tompkins Square and the first video, "The West Wind", had a major premier. Walker is a '70's throwback focusing on psych-folk. Walker is just 24 but has spent several years in and around the city's experimental noise scene. His transition to folk sounds has been smooth, but you can still find traces of his former passions.

Walker full-length debut is due out in April 2014 also through Tompkins Square.

You can catch Ryley Walker at Saki with Pillars & Tongues on Friday, December 13th.



Dumpster Tapes released the latest tape from Pinebocks last month, and the band celebrated this past week with their release show at The Void.

What stands out with this band is their sense of humor and enjoyable brand of indie pop. They don't take themselves too seriously and always seem to have fun. You can grab their new tape, Success, is only $3 and worth every cent.


Suns @ Quenchers

Suns have released a new mp3 from from their 2012 debut LP When We Were Us. "Strangeland" is rhythmic sing-a-long affair about a couple making their way in a world that may not always be accepting.

MP3: Suns "Strangeland"

You can catch Suns @ Quenchers on December 15th with Muscle Worship, An Aesthetic Anaesthetic and Electric Hawk.


Charlatan @ Subt (Tonight!)

Charlatan is the captivating Psych-Pop sounds of Omar Rashan. His self-titled, self-recorded, self-released debut album was arrived this week. Rashan is incredibly talented and that talent shines through on each track of this noisy and energetic debut.

You can catch Charlatan tonight, December 5th at Subt with Jolly Korea, Rocket Miner, and Solemn Meant Walks.




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