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January 2015
The Goodbye Party
"Silver Blues
The Goodbye Party, a.k.a. Michael Cantor (formerly of The Ambulars), has released a new record Silver Blues via Salinas Records. The album finds Cantor largely in control using a vast arsenal of instruments, while also enlisting Joey Doubek (of Pinkwash) for percussive duties on a series of tracks.
“Heavenly Blues” nudges the entrance open to the cathedral of sound. Cantor’s smooth trustworthy vocals deliver a suggestive message amid a chamber of sonic layers, “…you have halos, you have lights, you have ghosts that sing into the night.” There is a well-produced divide, between that enlightening tone fortified by a residual hum, the soft drops and tapping tambourine, and bowed guitar that provides a more ominous dimension.
“Crossed Out” shoves that door further open with its optimistic jangly guitar/rolling percussion and bass, illuminating the scenery - “holes in the windows, where the wind slips through…” There’s a balancing point between the coldness of the lyrics and the resounding warmth of Cantor’s delivery and instrumental accompaniment. Taking foreboding tones of thumping percussion and the stirring rings of guitar, “I’m Not Going to Your Heaven” silver-lines them as the ringing morphs into a pleasant cry while the song winds down with a scratchy conclusion.
In a flash of joy, “Personal Heavens” is jumpstarted with a groove yet despite this, the lyrics reveal a grey point of view - “Homesick for personal heavens and homes you’ll never see again.” Slipping you back into the cathedral in “27 Times,” the finessed layering of backing vocals wrapping around Cantor’s lead shields it from the cold.
“New Decay” has a jaded push behind it, as guitars twist into knots and drums smash a path for Cantor to admit, “I keep breaking what I’ve already fixed/I keep fixing what I’ve already fixed.” Silver Blues closes with the bone chilling solemn string-oriented “White on White” - “the world/burns in the dark/echoed songs, resonations, every night.”
The record sweeps through ones mind in what seems like a moment. However, its melding of darkness and light leaves poignant, beautiful moments that makes Silver Blues worth revisiting frequently. - Michael Colavita

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Maps & Atlases "Old Ash"

The headline should read "Dave Davison has shaved his beard!". Maps & Atlases have released a video for their track "Old Ash", which appears on their latest album Beware & Be Grateful, out now on Barsuk Records. The video was directed by drummer Christopher Hainey and shot through a two-way mirror. The video features the band's frontman Dave Davison sharing his iconic beard for the first time in four years.

You can catch Maps & Atlases at Riot Fest this September and at Dirty Nellie's in Palatine on August 22nd.


Bastardgeist "Infinite Lives"

Joel Midden (aka Bastardgeist) released his sophomore album, Infinite Lives, digitally late last month. The album will be released on vinyl in a limited run of 500 on July 23rd.

Infinite Lives is filled with rich textured and dense sonic landscapes as Midden moves one step further on his sonic journey.

You can catch Bastardgeist on June 15th at The Hideout and on June 26th at Quenchers.


Panoramic & True @ Township

Last summer Panoramic & True released their sophomore album, Wonderlust, and this summer they will be releasing a new 7" single, "Bells".

You can catch Panoramic & True at Township with Videotape and Kangaroo on June 21st.


THE-DRUM "Switch"

The electronic duo THE-DRUM have released another single from their forthcoming album Contact (out June 25th on Audraglint). As we've mentioned, Contact, is an incredible concept-centric album that delves into space, science fiction, and sound.

You can catch THE-DRUM on June 27th at Smart Bar with Cakes Da Killa.


Sister Crystals

The debut album from Sister Crystals is fast upon us. The four-piece has been dropping little fragments for months, from the video for the first single "White" back in April, to the second single "For So Long" below.

This week Sister Crystal released a new teaser video for the self-titled debut dropping on June 18th.




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