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February 2016
Jo Kusy
"You Break Me
Jo Kusy (Far-Out Fangtooth, The Whips) cultivates an eclectic, lo-fi daydream on his new full-length album, You Break Me. The record is currently available for purchase/download, and will be found on limited cassette on February 12 via Kusy’s own imprint Kooze Kontrol.
The album’s opener “Long Gone Angel” establishes the LP’s loose-moving atmosphere, as guitar trickles into a percussive/bass-oriented roll. The instrumentation briefly drops out, giving way to an a cappella moment and then a sax solo, before falling back into form. The bass-forward nature of “Only a Night,” coupled with its synth, thrusts one into a danceable framework. Background vocals soften the lead. In the insta-funky “All Go To Heaven,” Kusy proclaims, “Get down, hear the sound, boogie-woogie shake your claim…”
“Before You Opened Your Mouth” shifts into a light youthful disposition, reflected in its humorous lyrics - “Old people acting young, it’s ok cause its only fun/young people acting old, they sound stupid…” “Ghost Funk Lesson” drops into a sly island vibration - reminiscent of The Police, while “1st Place (But They Told Me 5th) develops a eerie tone with its heavy-footed thump and the mysterious whisper of the vocals. “All the creeps come out from the woodwork, as the sun begins to rise.”
With its sinister stir, “New Devil Beat” perpetuates a throbbing pulse, and “Cherry Pickin’ Baby” rides a thick bass-line to accentuate its heavier playful spin on rockabilly. Shedding some weight, “Silk Paradise” gently glides, paced by the clean snap of drums and unobtrusive guitar runs. Closing with its title-track “You Break Me,” the tail end of the LP rides a steady, floating wave; a heady trip punctuated by a stealthy stretch of guitar work, throwing some fire into the meditative calm.
You Break Me is a fun, unpretentious album that easily gets the head bobbing and toes tapping with its minimalist approach. It’s a sleeper that you definitely shouldn’t sleep on. - Michael Colavita

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NE-HI @ Empty Bottle

The Psych-Pop band NE-HI will be releasing their new self-titled debut 12" via Manic Static in early April. The band has been building stream lately including being included on the their Revolution Brewing compilation CD for the release of their latest brew JukeBox Hero. The lead single for the 12" is called "Since I've been Thinking".

You can catch NE-HI at Empty Bottle on April 6th with The Rubs.



Mint Lab Astronauts

Mint Lab Astronauts (M.L.A.) have been very active in 2014. The duo, j.pak and pak.one, released an ep last month called "Return of the Astros". Since then they have dropped another three outstanding tracks, "Lyle", "Hocus Focus" and the most recently the Nate Dogg tribute "Blue Dream".


Robot Hilarious

Robot Hilarious is the off-kilter hop hop of 2bones, Hound Dog, and Gamma Ray. The group dropped their latest album, It's Official, digitally back in January, but now have physically copies ready to be sold. The album is mixture of experimental hip hop styles each more inventive then the last.

The CD release event for It's Offical will take place on April 11th at Elastic (2830 N. Milwaukee 2nd Floor).


Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress, Mike Russell & Matt Lemke (Suns), Bobby Burg (Love of Everything/Joan of Arc) and Christian Dawson (Gypsyblood), signed to Lovitt Records at the start of 2014 and have been working on their debut full-length album. The band has a single, "Loom" b/w "Heavy Earth", and a video ready to be released. The album is due out this fall.

Wedding Dress will celebrate the release of their new single on April 18th at Empty Bottle.


Hotbreath Tea & The Invisible Branches

Hotbreath Tea & The Invisible Branches have released a new single, "All Night Jewel". It is the first released track from a forthcoming LP the band is currently working on.


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