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July 2014
Peter Matthew Bauer
Thank God The Walkmen are on a “hiatus.” As unpopular a statement as that might be to fans of the beloved indie-rock outfit, the resulting album, Liberation! (Mexican Summer), by the group’s former bassist Peter Matthew Baur reinforces the truth behind what I think. Baur has taken the time as a chance to expand his wingspan creatively, producing an album that’s slick, resonant and infectiously psychedelic.
It’s a heady journey through the artist’s far-from-normal life, never lacking in emotion and fundamentally based in a sense of optimism. Also, one of the most fascinating things going on with Liberation! is how it blends local and international aesthetics without ever feeling like appropriation or pandering. Songs such as “I Was Born in an Ashram” and “Philadelphia Raga” feel organic and refreshing, incorporating exotic influences without ever making them feel awkwardly placed or unnecessary.
The whole effort is the culmination of a meditative post-“hiatus” tour through Europe, and it shows. The record is relaxed and casual yet exploratory, never seeming to break a sweat while being thoroughly entertaining. The collection of songs has a comforting accessibility reminiscent of couchbound evenings of honesty-filled, drunken/stoner chats with your best buddies, which may seem to come few and far between as all of us get older and busier. - Daniel Ludwig

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Dastardly EP Release

On January 19th Dastardly will be releasing their second EP, Bury Me In The Country. The Americana band with a modern twist recorded the ep after a recent tour, and is sure to kick off 2012 is style. 2011 was a great year that saw the band complete four nation-wide tours, take SWSW by storm, and supported frontman Gade Liebowitz quitting his day job.

 You can catch Dastardly at Lincoln Hall with Brighton, MA and Santah on January 19th.


Secret Colours @ Empty Bottle

EP3 has arrived and Secret Colours are back in full force. You grab your copy (physical or digital) here, and you can catch the band at Empty Bottle on Jan. 7th and Feb. 10th, and at Schubas on Jan. 25th.


Young Man Covers Lia Ices

Young Man has released a beautiful cover of "After Is Always Before" by Lia Ices. Hopefully this can hold us over to part two of his album trilogy coming this May.


Young Jesus Record Release

Tonight (1/4/12) at Lincoln Hall, Young Jesus celebrates the release of their full-length debut Home. The show also includes Canasta, Brontosaurus, and Hemmingbirds.

The album is a triumph in garage rock and the albums first single, "Away" is a perfect example of the sound.


Magicks New Single

Magicks has released a new single called "Ohaider;)". On the bandcamp page for the single he writes, "At 1:25 close your eyes and imagine your first time kissing someone. Maybe it already happened maybe it didn't.". This track is a part of Magicks forthcoming ep Musicks which will be released on Jan. 26th.


Midwest Hype @ Schubas

Midwest Hype call themselves a "Urban Garage Jazz" band and they are celebrating the release of their new EP Dayglow on January 5th at Schubas. The group recently dropped by Audiotree to record a fantastic hour long set.


Lightfoils @ Double Door

Lightfoils are releasing their debut EP tomorrow, December 30th through Xd Records. The released a sneak peak on Christmas in the form of the track "Into Deep Sea".

Lightfoils are performing at Double Door on January 5th with Battle Stations, Viceroy, and Tribe of the Mountain (Detroit). The doors open at 8:30pm and admission is just $1.


The Hood Internet's Debut Album

The Hood Internet (aka Aaron Brink from ABX and Steve Reidell from STV SLV) have been remixing and mashing and blending amazing tracks for the last four years, and have released mixtapes and single galore. The now have complied the best of what they have done into a debut self-titled album through Mishka. The duo also released a behind-the-scenes video filled with tacos and fun.




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