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July 2015
Ecstatic Vision
"Sonic Praise
Heavy-psych three-piece Ecstatic Vision conjures cosmic soundscapes with their debut LP Sonic Praise (Relapse Records). Self-ordained as “primal,” the group’s orchestration is undeniably gripping and visceral, altering the embodied state of its listener at an instant. Pressing past the tropes of genre, Sonic Praise is a hypnotic example of the outfit’s versatility. The release of Ecstatic Vision’s tripped-out LP is hopefully the first of many.
Beginning with the well-titled “Journey,” Sonic Praise’s opening track unfolds like a swirling chant that gradually builds to bawdy, passionate dirge filled with buzzing riffs and drums. The song’s lyricism is straightforward yet amplified by the unrelenting progression of its instrumentation. The declaration of “Journey” is unapologetic. It’s not a conversation; it’s an invitation. At its climax, the resonance of the recording brings to mind similarly transcendent tracks like Moon Duo’s “Free The Skull” or Ty Segall’s “I Wear Black.”
“Astral Plane” is a tentative tip of the hat to the iconic Sun Ra’s masterpiece Space Is the Place, unfolding with driving riffs and drumbeats that elicit the sensation of being transported into the ether. By the two-minute mark, “Astral Plane” is in full swing, impressive guitar work resounding as the track’s earlier established foundation persists. Each component of the song’s structure expands as frontman Doug Sabolick’s vocals urge listeners to “Look in the mirror and tell yourself/this is the place to be.” Undoubtedly indicative of the cosmos (metaphorically or literally), “Astral Plane” is trancelike, with its instrumentation possessing the power to cast a psychedelic spell that lingers well past the song’s end. Nearly thirty seconds shy of thirteen minutes of length, the temporal duration of the recording is as well warranted as it is executed. “Don’t Kill The Vibe” is equally shamanistic, with riffage that feels psychotropic. The LP’s title track, “Sonic Praise,” begins with primeval distortion comprised of oscillating tempos and forlorn chants. The effect of its prelude is mesmerizing, dark, and strangely beautiful. Thematically cult like, “Sonic Praise” is satisfyingly otherworldly, seducing its listener to give in to Ecstatic Vision’s melodic ethos without hesitation. 
Sonic Praise’s final anthem “Cross the Divide” extends the mysticism of the album’s narrative, ending Ecstatic Vision’s debut on a plane similar to where it began - one of enlightenment and pure rock 'n' roll. - Dianca London Potts



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Genevieve @ Lincoln Hall

Genevieve has had a busy week. Both her NPR Tiny Desk concert (below) and her session with Audiotree were released as the buzz continues to grow in support of her debut EP, Show Your Colors.

You can catch Genevieve at Lincoln Hall on June 9th.



Tsaik is the electronic music duo for Jacob McArthur and Joshua Ruffolo. The label debut, via Uk's Lost Tribe Records, was released last week and is called Tea Enfoca. The downtempo hazy production is sure to entrance and entertain as they seamlessly blend the organic with the electronic. The duo are now focused on the full-length debut due later this year.



Post-punk trio darkturn released their latest EP, O Delmore, yesterday. The Florida transplants bring a wild and dark sound to the scene and some interesting album art courtesy Alex Matz.

You can catch darkturn at Reggies (2105 South State) with Psych-Rocker Jude Shuma, Dorian Taj, and Sounds Del Mar on June 5th for just $5.


Jennifer Hall @ Subterranean

Jennifer Hall is preparing to release a tremendous new self-titled EP this month. Hall has a power voice and is a skilled songwriter. This is the follow-up to her 2011 EP, "In This". The first single from the EP is called "Make It Out Alive" and is available for purchase on itunes or streaming below.

You can help Jennifer celebrate the release of EP on June 12th at Subterranean with Hemmingbirds and Mike Maimone.


Negative Scanner

Negative Scanner has released the first single, "Would You Rather", from their upcoming self-titled album which will be released on July 10th via the local label Trouble In Mind.

You can catch Negative Scanner at Ranchos with Breakout (ATX), Violent End, and Public Assault on June 13th and at Cole's for the record release event with Yuze Boy on July 25th.




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