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July 2014
Peter Matthew Bauer
Thank God The Walkmen are on a “hiatus.” As unpopular a statement as that might be to fans of the beloved indie-rock outfit, the resulting album, Liberation! (Mexican Summer), by the group’s former bassist Peter Matthew Baur reinforces the truth behind what I think. Baur has taken the time as a chance to expand his wingspan creatively, producing an album that’s slick, resonant and infectiously psychedelic.
It’s a heady journey through the artist’s far-from-normal life, never lacking in emotion and fundamentally based in a sense of optimism. Also, one of the most fascinating things going on with Liberation! is how it blends local and international aesthetics without ever feeling like appropriation or pandering. Songs such as “I Was Born in an Ashram” and “Philadelphia Raga” feel organic and refreshing, incorporating exotic influences without ever making them feel awkwardly placed or unnecessary.
The whole effort is the culmination of a meditative post-“hiatus” tour through Europe, and it shows. The record is relaxed and casual yet exploratory, never seeming to break a sweat while being thoroughly entertaining. The collection of songs has a comforting accessibility reminiscent of couchbound evenings of honesty-filled, drunken/stoner chats with your best buddies, which may seem to come few and far between as all of us get older and busier. - Daniel Ludwig

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scene blog


The Lemons "Lemoncita"

The Lemons have released a split 7" with Tokyo's Teen Runnings via Gary Records. The Lemons contribution includes the incredible garage-pop tune "Lemoncita". The band is currently at the top of the retro psych-pop game.

You can catch The Lemons at Auxiliary Arts Center (3012 W. Belmont) on June 20th with Flower Girl.


Jared Bartman on Rooftop Sessions Chicago

Rooftop Sessions Chicago has launched their Spring/Summer season with a great performance from Jared Bartman. He performed "Quiet and Still" with additional vocals from Stephanie Bartman. Jared's latest album, Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows, was released last fall.

You can catch Jared at Uncommon Ground on Clark with Briar Rabbit on June 28th.


Empires "Please Don't Tell My Lover"

Empires have release a new single from their forthcoming EP How Good Does It Feel. The EP will be released on June 17th. The band also released a video recently for the EP's title track.

You can catch Empires at House of Blues on June 24th.


American Football "Never Meant"

The deluxe reissue of American Football's 1999 self-titled debut album was release on May 20th and debuted at #68 on Billboard's 200 Charts. The band has released a nostalgic video for the classic track "Never Meant".


Chuck Inglish @ The Bottom Lounge

Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids) released a video for his track "Legs" (ft. Chromeo) yesterday. The track was released back in January and is the third single from his debut solo album Convertibles. Inglish also partnered with djbooth.net to launch a "Legs" remix contest.

You can catch Chuck Inglish who is touring with Asher Roth on June 19th at The Bottom Lounge.


Ace Reporter Shares St. Vincent Cover

Ace Reporter recently released a cover of St. Vincent's song "Year of The Tiger". The band, fronted by Chris Synder, released their latest album Yearling XL back in April.

You can catch Ace Report at Milwaukee's Summerfest in July and at Schubas on August 23rd.


The Jordan Years and 18th Street Brewery

As we discuss daily Chicago has so many amazing bands, but it is not often that we get to discuss the local craft beer scene. Great beer and great music seem to go hand in hand as recently seen with the Dogfish Head and Julianna Barwick collaboration on Rosabi. Not to be out done Drew Fox's 18th Street Brewing has teamed with one of the funkiest band's in Chicago, The Jordan Years to create Homemade Hustler Session IPA. The band had one request for the new beer: That its color should resemble that of the cheap beer they drank exclusively during the sessions for the “Homemade Hustler” album. Drew agreed, making sure to note, though, that the beer’s resemblance to macro brewed American lagers would end at its color.

Homemade Hustler is the name of The Jordan Years 2013 album and now it is a tasty looking brew as well. There will be two release events for the new collaborative beer, both on June 14th. One will take place at 18th Street Brewery’s Gary location and will start at noon. Every beer bought from the brewery comes with a download of the band's album.

The Jordan Years will be performing along with Chicago artists Phal and Cojack. The limited edition “Homemade Hustler” beer will be available for purchase in 22oz. bottles. Later that night, The Jordan Years will perform at The Tonic Room in Chicago. The bar will have “Homemade Hustler” on tap. The show starts at 11pm and MC ADaD will also perform.


The Fox & The Hounds @ Underground Wonder Bar

The Fox & The Hounds is a unique combination of theater, burlesque, and rock. Fronted by the talented Kendel Lester, the band blends a dramatic and at times seductive aesthetic with sounds ranging from classic rock to cabaret. Back in 2012 the sextet released their self-titled debut album and now they are releasing a '40's detective noire style video for the track "Desert Spring Rose". Below is the track and we will have the video for you tomorrow.

The band will be celebrating the release of the video tomorrow night, June 6th, at Underground Wonder Bar (710 N Clark St) with Local Motive.




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