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August 2014
A Sunny Day in Glasgow
"Sea When Absent
Sea When Absent (Lefse Records) opens like a shoegaze-y car crash. The latest album from A Sunny Day in Glasgow doesn’t bother gradually layering melodic elements; they get right to business from millisecond one, hitting you with reverberating electronic tones, orchestral violins, and the crooning vocals of Jen Goma and Annie Fredrickson. It’s a weirdly aggressive move for such an intensely soulful LP, but it’s pretty emblematic of how the record works as a whole. For an album as focused at creating moments of subtle beauty, Sea When Absent doesn’t have the time to let you gradually pick up on it on your own. A Sunny Day in Glasgow is the rare type of band that takes beauty and emotional resonances and waves it around like a chair in a bar fight.
In the strictest possible sense, this is a shoegaze-psychedelic-electronica album with a particular emphasis on vocals. But the more you listen; the more you start to discover what a diverse series of musical influences are rattling around in there. Mixing the electronica stylings of Flying Lotus and Saltillo with the indie-pop elements of bands like Death Cab and Phantogram, the basis is a percussion of grungy electronic tones, topped with a combination of guitar and synth, adding just the right balance, while being mixed in with a cavalcade of classical instruments and outlandish effects.
But the crown jewel of the album is Goma and Fredrickson’s understatedly gorgeous vocals. They play off, sometimes bizarre, instrumentations perfectly, complimenting them while also adding a fulcrum of relative normalcy to Sunny Day’s outside-the-box compositions. This is what really gives the album its sense of slick melancholy, creating an ambience of stylish vulnerability in tracks like “Byebye Big Ocean (The End),” where there is a sense of crooning sorrow, while “Oh I’m A Wrecker” sees them go much farther into the indie-pop paradigm.
While this record maintains the complexity and delightful weirdness of past A Sunny Day in Glasgow albums, it also comes with a newfound sense of clarity, in great part due to the outside production of Jeff Zeigler (of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile fame). Zeigler is able to successfully piece together the moving parts of this bi-continental band, with mastermind Ben Daniels orchestrating things from the other side of the world in Australia, making the album’s abrupt left turns from spacey psychedelics to grounded punk-pop a little easier to digest. The wealth of ideas rarely feels busy or forced. Sea When Absent is ultimately proof that weird doesn’t necessarily have to mean messy. 

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scene blog


The Bounds

The Bounds are releasing their debut album, Art Ain't Rock, via Secret Art Society on July 4th. The names of the band and their history is being withheld by the society. We do know they were signed back in April and the music really does speak for itself. Check out the video for their track "You Son't Stand A Chance" here.





Ok Go "The Writing's On The Wall"

Ok Go has done it again. In advance of their upcoming album, Hungry Ghost (due out in October), the band has released another amazing video this time for their new single, "The Writing's On the Wall".

Ok Go will be returning their hometown on August 15th at Lincoln Hall.



Sharpless (aka Jack Greenleaf) released their latest album, The One I Wanted To Be, digitally just over a month ago. The album featured previous singles "The Hardest Questions" and "Summer 2012" and several amazing vocal contributions from Montana Levy. Since the release Sharpless has been singed to Father/Daughter Records who will be reissuing the new album later this year.

Sharpless plays anthemic and aggressive pop with undertones of Japanese culture. Now that Greenleaf is done with school he will be based in Brooklyn, but his impact on the local scene was substantial and began way back in 2011 when he released his debut (+<).



The new EP, Patience As A Vulture, from Opposites is being released today and in advance the band released a video for the track "Paris Again".


Glass Lux "Arrow"

Glass Lux has teamed up with Chicago Singles Club to release a new digital single "Arrow" b/w "White Snow". The single can downloaded for free from the Chicago Singles site and was posted with this cool video interview with the electro-pop duo.



Empires on Letterman

Did you catch Empires on Letterman last night? If not, here it is. They play the title track from their new EP, How Good Does It Feel, which was also released yesterday via Chop Shop/Island Records.

You can catch Empires at House of Blues on June 24th.



Mojek has released a colorful video for his track "Six Flags" which comes his most recent mixtape Into The Night Vol. 2. Mojek mixes electro-pop and R&B to great effect.



Alma is the work of the soulful singer/songwriter Alma Cook. She released her latest single "For A Poet" last week. Alma blends R&B and Gospel on this thoughtful and not overly religious track.




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