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August 2015
"If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art
With their debut EP If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art, LOUDS hits the nail on the head with its appealing out of the gates energy. Released via Color Theory Records, the Brett Boucher-produced EP instantly grabs a hold of the body’s desire to let loose. 
The group leads with its best foot forward with its debut single and album opener, “Ways.” The standout track has a warm, vamping synth and those dare-you-to-keep-your-hands-still claps, which are melded with the sugary, chiptune sonic blasts. That bubbly, dance-inspiring vibe is cut through and juxtaposed by lyrics that form the picture of a hot and cold relationship. “The love you’ve known sailed from you one evening, months have gone now you don’t feel the same.”
Wisps of light guitar, keys, and gentle percussion converge in the narrative of  “Lying in the Middle” with its upbeat Paul Simon-Graceland vibes. The rolling hills that are ready to break out with exasperations chronicling the fickle courtship. “It’s the wrong way to approach it, but I know that your heartaches after months of feeling kind of confused. One day I’ll be lying in the middle with you.” The song concludes whimsically with Beatles-esque harmonies:  “My arms are tired, I’m half awake, but finally there with you.”
From the alarm bell, to the to the approaching bass and organ tone leading into those sinister strings, anticipation rapidly builds in “Driving Us Together.”Once again, the band dives into the complexity of relationships. Amid that layered fluid instrumentation, which creeps and momentarily bursts, underlies a sincere thought: “I’ve been trying to forget you but I don’t know how. Driving us together don’t erase your doubt.” The song simplifies down to a strumming guitar as echoes of “goodbye” come through before meeting up with the heartbroken chorus.
Strumming sets off into the echo of menacing tumbling keys in the chest-thumping, never-tell tale “It Takes Two.” “We’re alone in your best friend’s basement. You’re the one who brought me down... As we talking my hearts raising, I hope you don’t figure out” leading into the smoothed chorus: “Cause everybody knows it takes two…” That weaving in and out creates a lively yet personal sense.
If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art threads a layered vibrant in-motion musicality with a relatable multifaceted tug and pull aspect of intimacy, zooming in on all sides while never sitting still. The EP is an impressive debut from the fledgling electropop outfit that ends way sooner than you’d like it to conclude. - Michael Colavita

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Felix Da Housecat

Felix Da Housecat has released the first single, "Is Everything Ok", from his forthcoming album "Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion". The will be released on July 10th via No Shame and can be preordered here.

You can catch Felix Da Housecat on July 11th at Mamby on The Beach at Oakwood Beach.


The Inventors

The Inventors released their debut EP, The Procedure Room, early this early, and have recently been making waves in the I Am Fest battle of the bands. Below is a "Malibu Session" of their track "Beehive".

You can catch The Inventors on Aug. 4th at Martyrs with The Shift and Chata, Orlando.


She Rides Tigers

She Rides Tigers are releasing their debut EP, Standing On The Edge, this month. Back in March they release tracks from the EP, "Roll With It" and "Chase The Flame". The trio of Joe O'Leary, James Scott, and Matt McGuire play a gritty, blues infused brand of rock.

You can help the band celebrate the release of Standing On The Edge on June 20th at Quenchers Saloon with Hong Kong Danger Duo.


Pet Symmetry Summer Tour

Pet Symmetry (Erik Czaja, Evan Weiss, Marcus Nuccio) recently announced that they will touring most of the summer in support of their recently released Pet Hounds album (Asian Man Records). Below is a new track from the album, "Gone Gone Gone (Further Gone)".

You can catch Pet Symmetry in Chicago on Aug. 4th at Double Door.


Gemini Club "Fret and Regret"

Gemini Club released a new single this week, "Fret and Regret", that is available from free courtesy of Red Bull Records. The single is a part of the LISTEN UP! series which also feature new tracks from Baby Baby, Little Wolves, Steve Aoki, and AWOLNATION.

Gemini Club will be a part of the mega beach bash, Mamby on the Beach 2015, at Oakwood Beach on July 11th and 12th.




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