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Giant System @ Empty Bottle

One of my favorite local sites this year has been the emerging Giant System. I have featured all of their well-made videos, and have loved the variety of bands that they have chosen to featured. On November 5th they will host their first concert at Empty Bottle. The line-up includes Rabble Rabble, White/Light, Black Math, and Verma, and the event will be if you RSVP at rsvp@emptybottle.com (subject "giant system").


Suns @ Schubas

To make their debut Suns have released not one, but two eps and they have released them for free. The band throws a large array of instruments on to these eps including glockenspiels, mandolins, banjos, and even dual drummers. Their sound is full and their eps are free. You can download Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program and The Howl and the Many from bandcamp.

You have three opportunities to catch Suns live over the next two weeks. They are performing at Schubas on October 27th (as Black Sabbath), at The House Cafe (Dekalb) on October 30th, and at Double Door on Nov. 3rd with Mutts, Asleep, Glittermouse, and Republic of Lights.


CMJ show review: Light Pollution

Cakeshop, NYC. Paw Tracks/Carpark CMJ showcase. Surprisingly not hard to get in. Light Pollution is playing this weirdy weird kinda pop with atmospherics, it's good! Kinda twangy, a little spacey, a little punk in the drums. And I imagine none of this would be possible without Woodsist Records. And then they go into this constructed noisy thrash and it's awesome with the guy's voice on top of it. And this band kicks a shit ton of ass I just decided. They have a sense of affect that's quite convincing - party kids who read Derrida when they wake up, or something. Really enjoying the abstract textures and the drummer's ability to be so multifaceted. This song Drunk Kids starts off like that awesome Zola Jesus song and then harunges the rhythm gently into a cool mellow dance thing. The drummer gets caught in the gold streamers behind him as the dude playing the bubbly synth picks up his guitar again and then they are just this pulsing bright rock band that just makes me want to listen to Ducktails or Sun Araw, but that's cool, and I'm enjoying Light Pollution for their dispirate qualities anyway. Back on the synth for some more abstract stuff and a rattling tamborine that moves into this awesome upbeat two-step that absolutely fucking rules! "She won't talk to me!" He bemoans. It's great. And this deep saw synth comes in and he manipulates it pretty expertly and the drummer does intricate rhythmic stuff and they build it up inconspicuously and then let it break pretty haphazardly with the synth leading the fade out. Awesome, innovative drumming and cool SYNTH BREAKS. I know that sounds anomalous, but there it is. They end on bleeps and bloops. - Read Dale W. Eisinger full CMJ report here.


I Luv Luv Birds @ Underground Lounge

Marc Mozga and Holly Prindle (I Luv Luv Birds) have come together again to release their full-length album in two years. The 20-track (ten original and ten dub track of those originals) album, Cleaning Lady Uprising, is available on the band's bandcamp site, but will also be sold at the release show tomorrow night (8/23) at The Underground Lounge as a 12” vinyl that comes with homemade, silk-screened cover art and download.

I Luv Luv Birds is self-produced, self-released bedroom pop at its best. These are lo-fi, but a surprising mix of sound with a few creative moody tracks like "Under Your Command" and "Power's Out". You never know what sound is coming next, and that makes this album even more enjoyable. My favorite track is the inventive "Hook & Grid".



Birthmark is the alias of Nate Kinsella (Joan of Arc, Make Believe), and over the last three years he has been working on his second album as Birthmark. The album will be called "Shaking Hands" and will be released by Hidden Agenda on December 14th. This is the follow up to his 2007 release "The Layer"


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