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Sissy Mena on Small Chicago

The latest installment from the coolest new site in town, Small Chicago, is live and features three tracks from the rock n’ roll band Sissy Mena.

Sissy Mena will be performing at Subterranean on April 8th with Wild Peaks and The (Glorious) Teaparty.


Last-Minute Plans: Antennas Up @ The Whistler - Free Show!

Though electro-galactic trio, Antennas Up, may call Kansas City their official home, we're holding on to their Chicago ties--and claim them as our own.

Fresh off this month's SXSW festival, the trio is passing through Chicago tonight (and perhaps still nursing residual SX hangovers) for a show at Logan Square's high-end watering hole, The Whistler. Equal parts funk (as heard in "Don't Wait Up"), pop, and serendipitous space-rock (look no further than "5P4C35H1P"), Antennas boasts an eclectic sound and impressive live light-show (often with space helmets to boot); it will be interesting what they'll manage to swing in the cozy confines of the Whistler.

Rounding out Tonight's local lineup is Volcanoes Make Islands, and intermittent spinning, courtesy of DJ Screeble Dee. Free show! 21+. - Neph Basedow


This is Versailles @ Bottom Lounge

There is a forcefulness in the vocals of Caitlin Garibaldi. For the band This is Versailles she trades off shouting lyrics with guitar player Jaisen Ehas. Together they are propelling the band into the realm of high-power dance punk. Yet their dance is more of slam dance than anything else. Picture The Killers mashed with Minor Threat or maybe Fugazi, and you may come close to the sound of This is Versailles.

This is Versailles will be performing on April 1st at The Bottom Lounge with Light Pollution and Woodhands.


Wilco on La Blogotheque

La Blogotheque has finally posted a new take away show and it just happens to be with Wilco. The track they performed is “County Disappeared”, and the production quality is outstanding.


Mike Golden & Friends

There is really nothing to hate about the approach and delivery of Mike Golden & Friends. As you read through the posts on their blog and listen through their debut ep Trees Pt 1. This group of musicians is dedicated to having fun, and making songs that you can stomp you foot to.

Trees EP Pt 1 will be released this week and will be available through the bands website and on Amazon.


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