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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Palm Springsteen bring their bracing electro rock the Satellite on 4/26

Electro rock foursome Palm Springsteen write brittle pop songs with a flavoring of hard-edged synths and lustrous guitars. The band will be previewing new songs off of their incoming EP at the Satellite on April 26. More details on the EP coming up shortly, but for now you can check out their most recent single "She's Got Claws" below. 



Model/Actriz release vicious new EP No

Some music just hits you with a physicality that cannot be simulated. Such is the case with noise brutalists Model/Actriz, an experimental foursome that puts forth a shierking behemoth of mechanized rhythms and grinding guitars. Frontman Cole Haden is the main driver on their latest EP, the laconically titled No, his assaultive spoken-word musings taking a fully uncompromising stance as the stakes turn more and more menacing. They're contemporaries to the likes of Death Grips, but also evoke the visionary viciousness of Touch & Go records in their prime, rendering an impenetrable confluence of noise stylings that's as suffocating as it is magnetic.

You can stream the entirety of No by visiting their official bandcamp page.


Dream-pop purveyors Bolinas take flight on new single "Vacation"

A sense of wander immediately sets into one's mind when listening to "Vacation", the wandering debut single by dream-pop quartet Bolinas. An interlocking web of dissonant guitars takes shape as Chris Thomas's distant vocals soothe the senses, both moving at a languid pace as it swells with sonic grandeur. It's an essential listen for those who like their psychedelic rock ushered by an aresenal of pop hooks. 

"Vacation" is the debut single off of their upcoming debut album World Record Record, which is slated for an official release later this year.


Turtle Grenade crafts intimate folk on her self-titled debut

A quiet acoustic melody falls gently like a descending sun on Turtle Grenade, the debut folk project of Denise Gorrio. Her delicate finger-picking slowly unfurls with a patience that provides sullen clarity, with a reflective and uniquely penetrating warble that gives life to her intimate lyrical effusions. There's a simplicity to Gorrio's isolated meditations, sure, but when those memories burn deep within she elevates those emotions with an ardor that comes across as sincere. It's a lovingly stripped-down introduction that holds great promise.

Turtle Grenade's self-titled EP is available to stream via her official bandcamp page.








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