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The Deli's Best of 2009: Submissions Closed, 2nd phase starts in January

Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweethearts in Bands,

As usual, The Deli's Year End Poll (for emerging artists) will assign the cover of our Spring Issue 2010. The polling process is as complex as rocket science (if you want to try and get your head around it be our guest and go here).

The submissions for the open contest that will select minimum 3 artists for the next phase is now closed. We are currently receiving the jurors' votes. The next phase will be the readers' vote, which will start on January 3.

All the bands that submitted to our open contest were also added to our chart system - which will get them some exposure in the future. 

Here we are taking a little bit of a holiday break - we'll still have some content up in the next few days, but not as much. We will see you back in early January - in the meantime Happy Holidays to you all!!

The Deli's Staff


The Deli's Year End Best of 2009 Poll - Sponsors and Prizes

Musical peoples,

The Deli's Year End Polls are upon us! This year the pool of prizes is absolutely astounding: we would like to thank the companies that allowed us to run this poll and that are providing prizes for the bands that will win them.


BMI Shure


iZotope Sampletron

Amplitube Fender
Sampletron T-Racks
providing a total of 27 audio plug in for the pool of prizes (9 iZotope, 9 IK Multimedia)

Music Insurance
Music Pro Insurance
providing 2 insurance policies for the pool of prizes

Music Stores
Dale Pro Audio Dale Pro Audio
providing a total of 7 $50 vouchers for the pool of prizes

Vault Mastering The Lodge Mastering Knack Mastering
providing a total of 26 free mastered songs for the pool of prizes

Recording Studios
Grand Street Recording The Fort

Catfish Studio hideout studios Studio SQ
providing a total of 50+ hours of free recording for the pool of prizes

Screen Printing
Custom Band Tees
providing free custom T-Shirts for the pool of prizes

If your company is interested in sponsoring "The Deli Year End Best of Poll" it's not too late! Just contact us here.

The Deli Staff


See Cave Country, save Pehrspace

Benefit Alert: Pehrspace has been host to a number of memorable Deli LA nights, so it infinitely bums us out that the BYOB rock art house is going through a financial predicament that could jeopardize the future of a favorite local hideout. Come out this Saturday night in support of keeping Pehrspace's doors open and, while you're at it, stick around for a set by roots favorites Cave Country and others found on the bill below. 


100 million mile trek for 100 Monkeys's 100 city tour starts at Roxy

Yep, that's a guy in a banana suit. Cheap attention-grabbing trick? Perhaps. Take a listen to 100 Monkeys's MySpace tunes and discover that they're not as kitchsy as a banana suit would make for first impressions. The lyrically clever blues/2-step/analog rock/we-can-really-go-on group are as musically enigmatic as they are silly, but we're listening. Check them out December 27th at The Roxy, the second of 100 dates in their 100 city tour, all in support for their new LP Grape.


The French Semester kick off 2010 world domination with Echo residency

Next January, pop-art outfit The French Semester hold the legendary Monday night residency at The Echo. With a new member and the recent release of their latest EP Forces Afield, the group seem re-energized and ready to take over 2010 with their mid-fi sound ringing back early Shins and Guided By Voices. But don't be fooled -- their sound's nonchalance has an agenda. Shoegaze? Hardly.


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