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Big Surr premieres single "Sometimes" ahead of new album.

Ahead of the March release of their new album "In Business," Nashville's favorite landlocked surf rockers unveil a beachy, fuzz filled power pop tune sure to please both the garage rocker and easy listener. Big Surr refuses to be confined by a sonic niche. They dwell in the liminal space between the lo-fi, fuzzy, trashcan garage and sweet, breezy, reverb-soaked beach. "Sometimes" is no exception. The guitar hook structures and compliments an otherwise washy collage of smooth, atmospheric guitar swells, while Helen Van's unassuming slacker vocals invite everyone in, disarming any skeptics with a charming, humble apathy. Big Surr's releases are true gifts for independent music fans in Nashville, and they've got a lot more coming our way. You can preorder their album, out on 3/10, here. - Andrew Strader

Butthole kicks off Thelma & the Sleaze's documentary premiere on 01.13

Up and comers in Butthole open up for Thelma and the Sleaze's intra-city tour documentary about playing 30 shows in 29 days at a series of surprise locations across Nashville. Butthole is a goofy, psychedelic, fuzz rock outfit that doesn't take itself too seriously. Their tunes are a blend of charming, surfy, laid back Mac Demarco-esque attitude with just enough edge to be remiscent of female punk rockers from Patti Smith to Carrie Brownstein. The show, at Little Harpeth Brewing, starts at 9 PM on Friday night with a $10 cover that includes a limited edition Kandyland Vinyl.

- Andrew Strader



spookyghostboy crafts haunting soft indie rock

spookyghostboy may not be all that scary, but there's certainly an otherworldly quality to his music. The project of Nashville-based Austin Thomas, spookyghostboy's soft indie rock has a spectral, lingering quality to it--inspiring reflection and, perhaps, the ghosts of the past to float out of the woodwork. With etheral vocals, and unadorned guitar playing, Thomas's sound is simple, but effective, and commands attention just from its bold earnestness. Listent to spookyghostboy streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

Free Throw plays emo that might make you feel like you're in middle school again

So maybe you gave up on wearing your sister's jeans, but your heart was never were able to fully give up on your middle-school-era emo music phase. Free Throw may be just the band for you. The Nashville natives serve up songs busting with visceral punches, and primed to cut right through your gut and leave you screaming the lyrics along to your car radio. The band's currenly revving up for a national tour (dates here) but in the meantime, stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni