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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

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P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!


At The Delancey on Tuesday 10.18 we'll have a truly fantastic bill with 9 NYC based electro-pop bands - and it's going to be free!. 21+ - $8.
Full listings of the Deli's CMJ shows here. See below for the Dream Pop and Alt Rock stages that same night in the same venue (downstairs).

P.S. If you are into Pedal Effects, don't miss The Deli's STOMP BOX EXHIBIT at CMJ on Friday and Saturday!!!


7.00 - The Casualty Process

7.40 - Illuminator
8.20 - Tiny Victor ies
9.00 - Mitten
9.40 - Computer Magic

10.20 - Psychobuildings

11.00 - Pretty Good Dance Moves

11.40 - Caged Animals

12.20 - Slam Donahue


Nnamdi Ogbonnaya Shows Patience at Pitchfork

When Ms. Lauryn Hill requests a closed sound check, and needs more then her alotted time, you allow her to have it without question. She is Lauryn Hill after at all. Even if you are a label owner and one of most promising new artists in Chicago.

By the time Nnamdi and his full band, which included Sen Morimoto on Sax, were allowed to take the stage they were already 15 minutes past their start time. They quickly ran through sound check and launched into “Hop Off” from Nnamdi’s latest album, Drool, at a full 25 minutes into their set time.

Despite having to cut their set short the band and Nnamdi performed with energy and excitement. The set ranged from straight hip hop to funk to soul to an all out rock onslaught. After thirty-five minutes the band graciously left the stage and left the modest sized crowd wanting more.


New Music Video: "Rollercoaster" - Ivy Sole

Directed by The Brothers Ed, the new video for “Rollercoaster” by Ivy Sole immediately catches your eye. The song exhibits the soulful R&B that one has grown to expect from the Philly songwriter. However, the coupling of smooth choreography and the dangerous/graceful bike & ATV stunts depicts the high-levels of ups and downs described in the song through a different context. Lock into the groove, and hold onto your seat. (Photo by Araba Ankuma)

Circuit des Yeux Channels Something Deep at Pitchfork

Listening back through the catalog of Haley Fohr (aka Circuit des Yeux) you can appreciate the vocal range and the emotional nature of her songwriting. However, until you witness her live performance you don’t realize the magnitude of both of those factors. As she prepared to let the opening song, “Brainshift” (also the opening song from her 2017 album Reaching For Indigo), she approaches the mic, eyes closed, arms extended, perfectly still. Is she centering herself or is she channeling some force deep within herself?

Throughout the set, the five members of the Circuit des Yeux stage band which included violin, cello, Taylor Damon on Drums, Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) on keys and Bass and Rob Frye (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) on Percussion, matched Haley’s vocal dynamics perfectly bring the energy up and down as needed. Each member seemed to almost entranced as they performed the cinematic set that was equal parts beautiful, intense, and scary. The entire set was beautiful and powerful and one of the standout moments of Day two of Pitchfork Music Festival.


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