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Honest Engines

On May 3rd, Honest Engines will be releasing a new EP through Tandem Shop called The French Song EP. It will feature three new tracks including "Sunny Setting Sun" below. The EP is the follow-up to the band's 2009 release Captain's Log, and will available through all major digital retailers, as well as in limited edition handmade physical copies.


B.et.a. Albumette Release w/ Lord T. & Eloise @ 12th & Porter

Let tonight be your Friday night and make your way to 12th & Porter for the albumette release of dance/pop Nashville phenom B.ET.A.& The Neon Panthers. If you care to dance, and fancy the beatz of comparable artists such as Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and Lady Gaga herself, then this will be right up your alley. Listen to and download 5 of her songs for free on her Bandcamp page if you need more persuasion, and if that stiiiillllll isn't enough, then let me sweeten the deal even more by mentioning that Lord T. & Eloise will also be playing their colonial wig-wearin' aristo-krunk which all sounds ridiculous but is guaranteed to be something to dance to, interesting, and far from the Nashville norm. Doors at 8pm, 18+, $10 gets you in the show and a free B.ET.A. cd. Now THAT'S a bargain!--Erin Manning


Clara May "Hush"

Clara May is the result of two unique individuals coming together and deciding to make music. Tom Silva, a Malaysian-born filmmaker, and Nicole Sotelo, a Harvard-trained theologian and author, have combined to create a sound that is dark and romantic. However, on the albums first single the duo addresses race issues. Silva wrote the multi-part song in a historic Muslim city that is equal parts Indian and Persian. The album they have created is called Hush and will be self-released on April 19th. They will be releasing a video this month for the track "The Chosen" on the anniversary of the Iraq War, to honor our veterans and the people of Iraq.


Purling Hiss Might Just Kick Your Ass at KFN March 3

The rock gods called out in desperate need of a sign; a sign that rock was still alive in us mortals and not being led by a bunch of namby-pambies with script chest tattoos and forearms the size of garden snakes. The boisterous Fishtown trio Purling Hiss answered their call by kicking into “Almost Washed My Hair” ruining the rock gods’ hearing. The thing about Purling Hiss, and there are many, is that they could easily go up on stage and perform Satriani-esque songs, i.e., hastily crafted excuses for soloing, and probably get away with it. Instead, Purling Hiss create super catchy tunes like “Don’t Even Try It” (I can’t stop thinking of Ducktails when I listen), but with the flip of a switch can take it to the next level with Mike Polizze’s frantic and explorative guitar work. You can tell that these guys are children of the 90’s and fans of their buddies Kurt Vile and the Violators, and the similarities can be heard in Polizze’s lazy drawl and driving rhythms provided by drummer Michael Sneeringer (The Loved Ones) and bassist Kiel Everett (Tin Horses). These guys have been getting a bunch of attention recently, and rightfully so. Their songs are rough around the edges, but it only adds to their appeal. They are a band without pretentions, but with a hell of a lot of talent. Also on the bill is Watery Love, the new punk band from the mind of Charles Richie (Clockcleaner/Richie Records//TestosterTunes). The band also features Meg Baird of Espers on drums and was recently written about in Philly Weekly by Kurt Vile himself (who had tried out to be their bass player). Rounding out the bill is garage-goth crew Far-Out Fangtooth, who I would be remiss not to mention these guys. Bring your earplugs for this one (and no dancing)! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 Front St., 8pm, $8, 21+ (Photo by Steve Cross; Video Recorded by pilgrimsprogress) - Adam G.


Local Night for Local People: STEREO IS A LIE, New Roman Times, Western Ghost House + more...

Ok now...we're a local website about local indie bands, and upcoming is a Local Night for Local People...it just feels right to say something about it. Put together by whitesiren, and taking place at The Ghost Room this Saturday March 5th, the Local Night for Local People is a pre-fest shindig featuring four bands outdoors and four bands in, including STEREO IS A LIE, New Roman Times, The Pons, One Hundred Flowers, Western Ghost House, and more. And they're throwing in what sound like better than average goodie bags...so. Are you local, or not? 




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