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Night Manager fills in for Dream Diary and Ravens & Chimes at Cameo show!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, both Dream Diary and Ravens & Chimes canceled the Deli show at Cameo both for health reasons. After a frantic search for a NYC psych rock band available to cover the "hole" we found Night Manager through the Translations peeps. We were immediately struck by their sound, which combines arious melodies reminiscent of The Beach Boys with a super distorted and lo-fi recording style, filled with trashy guitars and a discreet but harmonically rich guitar work. Come enjoy their joyful and somewhat moody lo-fi tonight - they'll be playing at 9.30 at Cameo!


Wiggle Hard And I Can Promise You Mystical Sweat: E*Rock's The Clock & The Mountain

PAY ATTENTION. E*Rock is back and he’s made you something beautiful. The Clock & The Mountain LP/CD, off his own Audio Dregs label, will take you on that quest you regret not taking – the one that was supposed to define the mastery inside of you. Your odyssey. That surreal teenage voyage, where body all hot and heavy, you were meant to drag your shaking ass through some crystal-studded battleground, through the bowels of your own reality, in tandem with the one we all share.

They say that youth is wasted on the young. Well, they didn’t have E*Rock.

The Clock & The Mountain is an intergalactic minefield, where young soldiers dressed in black leather do their formations in yellow sand, saluting the pyramids and demanding more for their platoon. These are hot blooded songs of fury, laced with a surreptitious battle cry for something better. These are the songs to dance one’s heart out; the songs of a generation. Wiggle hard and I can promise you mystical sweat.

I hate to get into particular tracks because this thing is such a vigorous, swelling procession, but know that "Hardcastle" is this trippy, zoned-out disco jam. It’s what you hear when it’s just the two of you, combing your fingers through each other’s hair, slow dancing. It’s the ultimate end of the night jam – the good taste left in your mouth. And "Carlisle" is this slippery, cloud-9 jazzy soiree – a slapdash makeout session in the rain. Prepare yourself for microchip locusts and robot percussion, hearty beats and so-deep funky bass lines. Even some inflamed Latin riffs.

Listening to this album straight through is like traveling all of the warm climates alone, by bicycle, having the best time of your life. But it’s not all fun and games – you’re also finding enlightenment in the muted zone, and you’re deep in it. Seriously, just pay attention. – Morgan Brothers

Catch E*Rock live with DJ Copy, DJ Zan Eno, and Strategy at Rotture this Friday for the record release party of The Clock & The Mountain



Charlie Deets "2000 Flushes"

Charlie Deets has released a new video for his track "2000 Flushes" which appears on his latest album The Power of Suggestion out now on Paribus Records.


Netherfriends "Angry East Coast"

We are entering the second phase of Netherfriends 50 States/50 Songs project. He has toured through 50 States and now is beginning to release his songs. He is currently working on the Midwest EP, but has released the East Coast collection called "Angry East Coast".

Netherfriends is performing at Lincoln Hall on June 5th.


The Rassle, Living Days and Lavalier play Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. at Brooklyn Bowl.

We are very excited about the Deli NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) Indie Pop stage at Brooklyn Bowl, featuring "almost" Deli regulars The Rassle and Living Days - two bands that deserve a bright and rocking future - and awesome orchestral collective Lavalier. Here's a closer loos to the 3 bands on the bill:

10.00 - THE RASSLE

Positioned between the happier side of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Mick Jones' Big Audio Dynamite, The Rassle have the ability to write uptempo psych pop gems delivered with bratty vocal style and great attitude. The band played several Deli shows, including one in Austin during SXSW.


Stephonik Young's Living Days extract all the good bits from their new wave predecessors in their slick'n'rocking electro-pop embellished with sparkling synths and riddled with hooks. The band's signature sound is Stephonik's low register (female) voice, which darkens the mood of swirling electronic effects and effervescent keyboard lines that merge with dance-rock rhythms, fashioning music suitable for underground club dynamics. This girl is an amazing performer, with a stage presence reminiscent of Karen O - you don't want to miss this show.


Lavalier offer dreamy, slightly melancholic, atmospheres and mid tempo, sparse tunes with orchestral arrangements left to a remarkably high revolving cast of musicians, including a choir. The result is surreal, almsot circusy music that can be placed somewhere between the Beatles' "A Day in The Life" and Tom Waits' darker and slower ballads. This is a sound that stands out from current NYC indie trends - which is something we always appreciate here at The Deli


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