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Hosannas Album Release Show Sunday at Mississippi Studios!!!


Hosannas (formerly Church) will being celebrating the drop of their new album Now and Then - released on Hush Records - this Sunday, May 9th at Mississippi Studios a full two days before its official release. 

The band will be sure to please listeners with their off-the-cuff pop musical musings as they pounce forward with their second release. The principle songwriters of the outfit - who also happen to be brothers Brandon and Richard Laws - are cited as growing up listening to the Beach Boys and Kraftwerk. These influences seem to hold true, though do not restrain their songwriting talent.

You can download the track "Happiness" from their new LP here. The track spins a happy keyboard hook around a race track of energized percussion, as the vocals anchor the experience with a core value of pop sensibility.

The show is a meager $6 and starts at 9 p.m. Opening is the mind-bogglingly cool Tu Fawning, and Deli Portland band of the month nominee Ah Holly Fam'ly! What a deal!

- Joel Sommer


Mose Giganticus (That’s What She Said) at DDG May 8

Keytar God Mose Giganticus recently became the newest acquisition of Relapse Records. His upcoming release Gift Horse is going to feature a heavy hitting sound. Being no stranger to touring, Mose is ready to pack up the vegetable oil powered van and hit the road before the albums release. And tonight’s show at Danger Danger Gallery will be the tour’s kick-off party. The Robot Rocker may even be set to do double duty if the chance arises because another project that he’s been heavily involved with, Hulk Smash, will take the stage with their rampaging barrage of gamma-rayed tunes. The group recently put out an impressive release in Jeer, and took part in PiLam’s “Two Piece Fest”. Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., $5 - $10 donation, All Ages (Photo by Laura Webb) - Bill McThrill



Younglove’s Uber-fun Official Grand Opening Party May 8

Younglove specializes in new, underground and hard-to-find vinyl, used slabs of wax, vintage men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, magazines, and vintage music gear. It has been the next door neighbor of the Danger Danger Gallery for a little bit now, but today they will be hosting their official “grand opening” party. Photographer/actress/musician Molly Landergan will be showing her photographic works titled Still Looking which “blurs the border between waking and sleep, public and private”. You may know Landergan from her onscreen debut in Oddsac, the recent collaboration between local director Danny Perez and Animal Collective. She’ll be joined by some of Philly’s finest experimental lo-fi adventurists, U.S. Girls, Serpents of W.I.S.D.O.M. and Akasha Blade. They’ll be performing from 7 - 9pm “amidst the murky, dreamlike images of themselves” as captured by Landergan. You’ll also be treated to some FREE tasty BBQ food (vegetarian, meatatarian and vegan) grilled by a crew of Badmaster all-stars as well a keg and fancy adult drinks from their wet bar. This definitely sounds uber-fun! The event also coincides with “West Philly’s 2nd Saturday Craft Fair” hosted by VIX Emporium and Satellite Café so it looks like you have a good reason to hand out all day and night on the other side of the Schuykill River. Younglove, 5011 Baltimore Ave., 5pm, FREE, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman



Schoolly D Opening for Aqua Teen Hunger Force at The Troc May 8

When it comes down to it, Aqua Teen Hunger Force are “#1 in the Hood G”, and if you’re a fan then that’s why you’re probably scrambling to see the show’s creators put on a live performance at The Troc tonight. But Frylock, Meatwad and Grand Master Shake wouldn’t have received that timeless moniker if it wasn’t for our local “Godfather of Gangsta Rap”, Schoolly D, who will be opening the evening. Along with the show’s theme, expect him to dish out his latest single “Family Affair”, and some songs from his upcoming album International Supersport! The Troc, 1003 Arch St., 8pm, $24, All Ages (Photo by Jonene Taddel) - Bill McThrill



Album Review - Man/Miracle: The Shape of Things

Man/Miracle’s debut album The Shape of Things sold out of its first pressing rather quickly when it was originally self-released by the band towards the end of 2009. Now The Shape of Things has received a proper release thanks to the Bay Area label, Third Culture Records.

The Shape of Things has an admirable diversity, the 10 songs vary enough to all sound unique without sounding like 10 different bands. The four members that make up Oakland’s Man/Miracle are somehow able to shift the energy and intensity of their songs effortlessly, drawing you in for the quiet moments only to explode into an engrossing rhythm moments later. Songs like “Above the Salon” and “Pushing and Shoving” lean on the dancier side of indie rock, while songs like “Up” and “Back of the Card” mix afro pop and Talking Heads into some weird and catchy fun. Not to make The Shape of Things sound too light, there are definitely times when this record gets intense, aggressive, and even dark.

Lead singer, Dylan Travis, heads the diverse musical landscape with a strong and intriguing voice. His vocals can be rather easy going in the more straightforward moments of the record, but once the music intensifies his voice surges with energy, adding a haunting and enthralling narrative to the songs.

There is definitely a substantial afro and David Byrne style pop influence to this record, something that has become popular recently in the indie rock world (i.e. Vampire Weekend). However, Man/Miracle definitely makes it their own, bringing a healthy amount of dirt, grit, and raw energy to the mix. A talented group of musicians and an impressive debut album!

The Shape of Things is out now on Third Culture Records. Man/Miracle just finished up a tour with Rogue Wave and play Milk Bar on May 20th.

-Glenn Jackson


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