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On and Off Mass Ave Presents: Dennis Brennan, Jess Tardy, Mark Erelli, Billy Beard, Jeese Dee, Zach Hickman and Margaret Glaspy on 3/8


The Cambridge music community is dazzling with the songs and voices of some of this country's finest independent musicians. The March 8th showcase features a beautiful sampler of sorts of the Cambridge area's most talented voices and musicians. This is a show for the most seasoned Camberville music fan as well as a newbie wanting to get a heaping dose of the best live music in the area. March 8th show will feature Dennis Brennan, Jess Tardy, Mark Erelli, Billy Beard, Jeese Dee, Zach Hickman and Margaret Glaspy showcased by the On and Off of Mass Ave project. The project began in 2007 by two local music devotees who continue to document and rally support for live, local music. The March 8th event will be recorded for a future documentary.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 8pm

Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA

Tickets now available at www.passim.org

-- The Deli Staff

The Colors and the Kill: Sad Accordions

Limited-edition hand-designed copies of Sad Accordions' upcoming EP the colors and the kill will be available at their Mohawk show this Saturday 3/5. Sad Accordions bring you the spare, the folky and the haunting, and they've done so since 2003; qualifying them now as veterans of the Austin indie scene. They'll be joined Saturday night by two of the more exciting recent additions to the Austin music scene: Royal Forest and Black Books


YC The Cynic release “Fall FWD” mixtape at Southpaw tonight (03.01)

All the urban Nietzsches running around screaming that “Rap is dead” have been listening to the wrong MCs. In “Fall FWD,” YC the Cynic (featured in out Best NYC Emerging Artists on 2010 list) stands up and refutes the mob of naysayers with his signature patterns of potent poeticism. With a voice that conjures a blend of Mos Def and Q-tip, YC croons “Truthfully, I don’t let that ish influence me. It’s not cool to be cold, it’s not in to be G, it’s all bitches and hoes, there’s no intimacy till I enter the scene.” It’s a running theme in the mixtape, that ability and integrity transcend both time and genre. Building on the sturdy shoulders of last year’s “You’re Welcome” mixtape, “Fall FWD” raises the bar in every aspect and will undoubtedly generate substantial hype for his upcoming album, “The Spectacle.” In the closing track, he sums up his ethos proclaiming confidently, “I know mad cats that have had it with rap, but incidentally, soon as I got their attention they were listening intently.” Celebrate the release at Southpaw tonight (Tuesday, March 1). - Broke MC


NYC Artists on the rise: Careful

Most music lovers discover the discreet charm and amazing therapeutic power of gentle music when their lives enter the hectic phase (late 20s?). Here at The Deli we created a genre category for this kind of music, called "Mellow Core". Belonging to this genre is Careful, the project of published writer, orchestral composer, visual artist, and part time builder-of-robots Eric Lindley. His tunes, tied together by a soft, whispered approach and by attention to texture, mix more or less traditional songwriting with sparse and dreamy electronic effects, often slightly dissonant, but always tastefully realized. Careful will be playing live at Death By Audio on April 30th - mark your calendars.


The Forms release single with Matt Beringer from The National + travel to Austin

An amalgamation of big names (Matt Berninger of The National is featured on the latest single "Fire to the Ground"), admirable musicianship, odd tempos and a chilled-out demeanor, The Forms are a great example of approachable "alt". Alt-what I'm not entirely sure... but does it even matter? The melodies swirl on "Steady Hand (feat. Andrew Thiboldeaux)", but the percussion keeps the listener at least slightly grounded on the trippy adventure. I was most impressed, however, by "Fire to the Ground," perhaps because of the strikingly original string arrangement. Unlike in most ventures, these are actual strings, not computer facsimilies. There is a lot to be said for the power of bow to instrument. And that kind of attention to detail is key. The Forms' EP "Derealization" dropped February 15th on Threespheres / Ernest Jenning, and now they're are touring the US, some dates with The Dismemberment Plan. They will also play 3 shows in Austin during SXSW (check myspace for dates). But will they bring the strings? – allison levin


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