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Weird Hot and Gemini Wolf Joint Record Release Party at JBs May 26

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Shawn Kilroy’s Weird Hot and electro-experimental duo Gemini Wolf are combining forces tonight at Johnny Brenda’s for a joint revealing of their latest musical undertakings. Lifelong Philadelphian Shawn Kilroy will debut both his new full seven-piece outfit, and shiny new full-length album Casimir. His first release since 2009’s Hessian Love Songs, Casimir (released on Philly’s new Ghost Imprint) is a schizophrenic melding of disco-funk, moody ‘90s alternative, and dark folk. Suited for a coffee black held by a flannelled arm, new track “Mimeograph” is a grungy and melancholic piece that explodes into an unexpected breakdown of shredding electric, while the macabre “Girls Like The Waitress” exudes the gloomy sensitivity of Elliot Smith with the spine-chilling darkness of Nick Cave and holds a certain epic subtlety not often braved by the everyday indie folkster. Kilroy takes another turn with the jazzy psychedelia of “Jealous,” a multi-layered piece with the lightheartedness of the Shins and the transcendent oddness of Portishead. Weird Hot succeeds in taking a style being performed by the masses and adds unexpected elements that transform it into a style of its own. As for Gemini Wolf, Pandar and Mikronesia will showcase their fourth and newest album Infinite Sand Dunes (earSnake Records), a conceptual compilation birthed from the pair’s winter recording sessions in the largest east coast desert—Jockey’s Ridge State Park in North Carolina. The album’s first half is an editorial on the trouble with the modern human experience, delivered through songs like “Murderous” and “Doppleganger Walk,” energized electronica to the tune of Holy Fuck mixed with sweet but ghostly vocals akin to Warpaint. The second half is the cerebral underscore of the record, organic and airy Sigur Ros-esque instrumentals with a synthy buzz, channeling the bittersweet sensation of a desert in winter. Featuring Warm Ghost as a special guest, this vinyl record release double-header should get your dark-folk hearts beating ast. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave, 8pm, $10, 21+ - Jules Friedland


The Jawns Take Over KFN May 26

Jawn, the iconic Philly slang descriptor for anything and everything (thanks, Urban Dictionary), is the perfect word to summarize the tight musical mash-up that’s gonna happen once The Jawns (the band) takes the Kung Fu Necktie stage tonight. The group’s  snazzy jazzy cavalcade features members from the Extraordinaires, Arrah and the Ferns, the Armchairs, Nico’s Gun, and Virtual Virgin, who was last seen rocking Adobe Café into a fervor during the Aquarius Prom. And tonight’s show is going to be especially eclectic since they’ll be joined by the City Music Project, the Frank Cervantes musical hybrid blending tradition with electronic swing via DJ Golden Spiral. Toss in the pulse pounding electronica of Negative Department, and you’ll find yourself with plenty of reasons to wear your dancing shoes to this jawn. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., $5, 7:30pm, 21+ - Bill McThrill

The Jawns from Fractal Circus


Lineup change at Cameo Show: Invisible Days, Prospector, Dinowalrus, Translations + Night Manager

We woke up this morning to the news that both Dream Diary and Ravens & Chimes canceled our Cameo NYC B.E.A.F. Psych Pop show - we are borderline devastated! The show must go on though and the good news is that the other awesome bands on the bill will get a better time slot - the show will start at 8 instead of 7.30. Here what we have confirmed for now - we are trying to book aat least one band at the last minute to fill in for the sick.


Honored with the Deli' s CD of the month title in September 2010, this Translations know how to use reverb, clanging drum machines and lo-fi tricks in ways more interesting and sophisticated than your average Bushwick bedroom project. Most importantly, they can write good songs, and have found a strong signature sound in Andrew Fox's dark and thoughtful vocals.


What would you expect from a band called Dinowalrus if not something really "out there"? The band in the last few years has slightly tamed their wild psych rock experimentalism in a more structured and pop direction, which ended up producing a sound that's at times reminiscent of none other than The Psychedelic Furs! (I think that's the first time I reference that band in my entire music-writing career, pretty excited about it). The band played one of our shows about two years ago, we are really looking forward to see how their live show has evolved since then.

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Hailing from the Lower East Side (not Brooklyn?!?) Prospector - with their riff driven, dark and tense songs - are probably the least psychedelic band on this bill, although shoegazer elements can be found in their droney guitars. The band's main reference though is the energy of the punk/hardcore scene that they all grew up with. Tonight (and in their recently released debut EP) expect uptempo, moody and in your face indie rock that doesn't shy away from minimalistic melodies.


This is one of the few bands we've heard in recent times that's creating quality shoegazey music that doesn't sound formulaic.The single we are streaming below has cool sounds, a beautiful melody sung by a voice possessing a graceful and dreamy empathy that might have therapeutic and stress relieving powers - that's what anybody into dream pop like us wants to hear. By the way, hopefully this little blurb is positive enough to get the band to quote us on their online press section!


Pillars & Tongues "The Pass and Crossings"

The new album from the somber trio Pillars and Tongues may not be ground breaking, but it does further develop the beautiful meditative sound of the band. I would say the band's sound most closely resembles that of Dance Can Dance. Soaring strings and the near chanting vocals allow the listener to float seemlessly through this album. However it is not filler or noise, but the music sucks you into the enchanted world of Pillars and Tounges.

The Pass and Crossings is out June 28. Pre-order here. You can see Pillars and Tongues live at Empty Bottle on May 30th.


R.I.P. Mikey Wild

Renaissance man and legendary South Philly punk Mikey Wild (born Michael DeLuca) passed away yesterday morning after battling lung cancer for years. The former frontman of the Magic Lanterns and the Hard Ons spent his final days in hospice care at Penn Medicine fittingly on South Street, where he was anointed the “Mayor of” by Philly’s Alan Mann who presented him with a sash and crown back in the day at JC Dobbs. Mikey had opened for greats in the 70s like Lou Reed and GG Allin (who he shockingly upstaged by exposing himself while performing his punk classic "Chicks With Dicks"). In his later years, he became better known for his magic-marker artwork. He was obsessed with Vincent Price, and happily performed dual roles as Price and his twin brother Brandon in the short film Paying the Price. Mikey was also the subject of the documentary I Was Punk Rock Before You Were, which was filmed by Magic Lantern bandmates Ed Wilcox and Dave Kuffa and can be viewed HERE. There will be a celebration of his music and art held at Pageant: Soloveev Gallery (617 Bainbridge St.) on June 18 so come out and join in what we are sure to be unforgettable memories. Also please check out and share some of yours on Mikey Wild Mural on South Street Facebook page. We hope that it’ll bring a little warmth to your heart and a smile on your face. We know that he’s in heaven right now playing guitar and singing with his favorites “John Lennon, Allen, Jimi, Janis”. We sincerely wish Mikey’s family and friends all the best in this difficult time. - The Deli Staff  

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