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Best of LA #33 The Fling, and #34 Michael Runion

We continue our "Best of LA Countdown", this time covering two of the artists that made our Year Ends Best of LA Poll list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record store personnel, DJs, and our writers and readers).

The Fling should definitely be checked out by lovers of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or The Jesus and Mary Chain. They play soaring, melodic rock with surging guitars, pounding drumbeats, and a psychedelic undertone. Their songwriting is intimate and a bit on the dark side. They will be playing at The Casbah in San Diego on March 1st and 10th, and The Prospector in Long Beach on March 8th.

Michael Runion's soothing folk pop is easy on the ears. A master of the acoustic guitar and story-telling lyrics, it's no surprise that Runion also has worked with other talented L.A. artists. Above is a video of "The Daylight", a sweet and romantic tune featuring Elizabeth Z Berg of The Like. Visit the main website for free downloads of his music, and check out his new band The Chances, where he is 1/3 of a soft and classic sounding folk trio.

-Jenna Putnam


Tonight! At The Woods! The Red River

If you're looking for something to do to end your hopefully lazy overcast Sunday, head down to The Woods for a night with The Red River. The Long Beach, California band who once called Portland their home changes form every time I see them live, and each time it's that much better. Anywhere from just Bills Roberts sincerely singing to a rag-tag orchestra of horns, strings, and a choir of friends, The Red River could fill the halls of the largest amiptheatre with the sounds of their simple, yet powerfully gigantic sound. Catch them tonight at 9 with Wild Ones and Ocean age. It is definitely not one to be missed. -Mike Harper




The Apache Relay @ Exit/In, 3/1/11

Soul-drenched blues-and-jazz tunes from G. Love & Special Sauce await you at Exit/In March 1. And the Philadelphia visitors are in good local company; The Apache Relay, winners of The Deli Nashville's Best of 2010 fan poll, will be there too to churn out some indie-roots rock (if you aren't familiar, check out their beautiful 2010 release 1988). Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night, just saying. And if you miss them on Tuesday, you can catch them again at Exit March 11. Show is at 8:30.


The Devil In Outer Space

The Strangled Darlings is an incredibly insinuative name for what this multi-talented duo musically stands for –– something beautiful and sweet sharpened by an overwhelming reality. Here, we have vocalist George Veech, with his recordings of mandolin, guitar and tenor banjo, and then we have cellist Jessica Anderly, who unconventionally utilizes a five string cello as bass. Then, these two collaborate with percussionist Jolie Clausen and violinist Sharron Cannon for recording of The Devil in Outer Space. The result? The cabaret folklore and musical diversity of Beirut, meddled with the explicit straightforwardness of the Pixies, or, say, a classic Modest Mouse.

Granted, that's a strange mix, but let's take their feverish lyrical content into consideration. In "Blue Sailor" there's a priest with a shovel, an eclipsed moon in a lagoon, men with "sand in their hats" during "jellyfish season," all of which is haunted by a wavering saw and Veech's gauntly voice. The whole thing is very Big Fish meets the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Meanwhile, more instrumentally-full songs like "The Devil in Outer Space" allow Anderly's profound understanding of rhythm really shine through, proving their captivating and truly authentic understanding of what folk music should be.

The Devil in Outer Space will be released this upcoming Tuesday, March 1, and don't miss their release party happening at Alberta Street Public House on March 5; it'll run ya a mere $5. - April Ehrlich


Blood Feathers Gang Back Together Again at KFN Feb. 27

Tonight at Kung Fu Necktie there will be vintage licks, fancy footwork and pompadours galore because Philly’s time-traveling rockers Blood Feathers are back from the 50’s and ready to get down. Ben Dickey and Drew Mills have been playing out as a duo quenching peoples’ thirst for Blood (Feathers) and unveiling some new tunes they have been working on while their drummer is on tour with Sun Airway. This evening could be your chance to hear some of those new ditties full band style, and it will be your last chance for a while because tonight is their only scheduled Philly gig until the summer! If comfort in familiarity is your thing, then come out and hear them croon their way through cuts from their latest stellar LP Goodness Gracious. I would personally love to hear them cover “Greased Lightning” but it may take some convincing. Joining Blood Feathers is tape-deck southern rockers who are actually from Bucks County/Philly, The Cobbs, led by, yes, two Cobb brothers. It’s beautiful outside! See you there! Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 Front St., 8pm, $8, 21+ (Photo by Derek Brad) - Adam G.

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