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Blue Sky, Raging Sun

The latest album for the prolific band Berry was released yesterday by Indiana’s Joyful Noise. Joey Lemon, Paul Goodenough, Shane Bordeau, Matt Aufrecht formed the band in 2002, but didn’t arrive in Chicago until 2007. In the last eight years the band has written and recorded over 100 songs and have released 10 albums and eps. Blue Sky, Raging Sun is the bands eleventh release and their first since singing with Joyful Noise back in March. What is interesting about this album and its sound is that the band decided to stop touring by van and only traveled by train while writing this album. The result is a new sound that is both fresh and classic at the same time. The album is a twelve track travelogue of sorts and pop adventure at every turn.


Nice Nice to rip free show at Holocene Wednesday

Nice Nice will be swooping in for a free show tomorrow night at Holocene! Supporting acts such as the joyful drone provided by Asss will be a welcome addition, paired along with the tribal glitch and percussion of duo Romancing and spatial psychedelic mindfucks Golden Retriever. For the rug-cutters, DJ New Moon Poncho, and DJ Tropical Depression (Claudia Meza from Explode Into Colors!) will hold down the segues and faders.

Nice Nice is touring in support of their recently released album Extra Wow, which came out on Warp Records just last month to a variety of strong reviews. Check out the psychedelic swirls of their video for their official single from the album "Everything Falling Apart" below: 


Show starts at 8:30 p.m. and, again, is completely FREE.

- Joel Sommer


Hip Hop NYC artist on the rise: Homeboy Sandman – The Good Sun

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. When he heard Homeboy Sandman’s album he realized he’d had it too easy. About three years ago, Homeboy Sand stormed the NYC underground scene attending pretty much every open mic in the city—sometimes two or three a night. His hypnotic, tongue-twisting rhymes and unorthodox beat selection earned him an immediate distinction among his peers. With his third release “The Good Sun” (HighWaterMusic), Homeboy Sand shines with a warm, earnest delivery that reflects his ferocious drive and contemplative nature. His energy pulses through the tracks as he stretches and bends his words around every snap and pop. It's the type of album that you listen to and wish he was there listening with you so you could high-five him after each track. He'll be celebrating the release on June 1st at SOBs. Be prepared to spend most of the night frantically hopping around with your hands in the air. - BrokeMC

May 2010
Manuel's Parking Lot
"They Paved Paradise and Put Up Manuel's Parking Lot

Manuel’s Parking Lot pays tribute where tribute is due. Jake Sinetos and Alex Musto invoke Joni Mitchell’s most well known hit with both the title of the CD and the intro. They close with Eugene (Please Don’t Take My Van), which has opening lines that will take anybody back the childhood where they were forced to listen to Dolly Parton by the Country & Western loving parents. I still have nightmares of those days. Though the album is far from anything resembling actual country, it does call on both folk and do-wop. The opening track, You Stole My Grandma (Let you Granny go Round), mixes folk rhythms on the guitar with do-wop style background vocals. My knee jerk reaction was, “This will never work.” I am happy to say that after multiple listenings, it does work. Quite well in fact.

The opening piece sets the tone for most of the album. Stripped down music, primarily just guitar tambourine, accented with the occasional sound clip or electric guitar riff. The CD maintains the sound, only slowing down for Dinosaur (twee pop a lop), which serves as the nostalgic ballad, making me long for days of recess twice a day. It also makes me wish I knew the rules to “…the game we called dinosaur.”

The most rousing track, and probably my favorite, is Fuck Art Lets dance (A Symphony in 3 Movements). The boys actual pull of three movements, encouraging their listeners to get out on the dance floor. The further flaunt their knowledge of artists before them with the Orwellian named Knowing is Unkowing. All though Big Brother would be proud of their prowess in Double Speak, it’s more a call to look beyond the thin surface and find the beauty underneath. To look critically and appreciatively view at the world around us, with a special emphasis on the music we listen too.

Manuel’s Parking Lot is a must have for someone who is looking for fun music with something to say. It’s the kind of music that forces you to nod in time and hum along, even at the office. Sinetos and Musto may borrow a bit from other artists, but make no mistake, they have used it to create something truly unique in a musicscape where everybody is trying to be different just like everyone else.

Manuel’s Parking Lot is available for download on iTunes. Your discriminating music tastes will be wanting with out it.


-Jonathon L. Miller

The Deli SF's Weekend Highlights For 5/20-5/23

Checking out the calendar, it looks as though this weekend certainly has quite a lot of activity on the slate.

Rapidly becoming one of the Bay Area's essentially taste makers, Epic Sauce has yet another show, this Thursday the 20th at Milk, to start your weekend with.  This one is co-presented with local PR wizards Terrorbird who will be celebrating their 4th anniversary.  Featuring Man/Miracle, Baths, The Splinters, and Sister Crayon with DJ sets by Sugar and Gold and Disco Shawn, this party is not one to be missed, 8pm.

Head down to Thee Parkside on Friday for a well packed line-up including The Fresh & Onlys, Sonny & The Sunsets, The Art Museums and out-of-toweners Jacuzzi Boys, 9pm.

Saturday night wander up Polk St to the Hemlock for the folk sounds of The Finches with Key Losers and Breezy Days Band, 9pm.

Lastly, round your weekend out at Cafe Du Nord on Sunday where our friends over at The Bay Bridged are presenting an event with KALX.  The album release party for Emily Jane White and featuring Slow Motion Cowboys and Devotionals, this relaxing folk show will be a nice place to wind down for the coming workweek.


-Ada Lann


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