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Music for Headphones' Life.in.Mono in Video

Psychedelic dark-wavers Music for Headphones recently released their latest effort Life.in.Mono, which you can check out and purchase here. But if you are like us and enjoy visuals with your music (and other things), then you can watch as well as listen to the entire album here. Below is a sample of the tripped-out things that you might find with Life.in.Mono. The track is titled "Drive Motorik". - The Deli Staff


Vilebred Ready to Die for a Good Time at North Star Bar Feb. 2

“I’m gonna grab me a clown, put its head into the ground, cause it’s habit.” That’s awesome! I hate clowns. What are you hiding behind all that make-up? Well, that is a line from “Kamikaze Blues” (which you can check out a video consisting of live footage and slideshow pics below) by Vilebred, who will be taking the North Star stage this evening and anchoring tonight’s lineup. Led by Sam Vile (yes, Kurt Vile’s younger brother - sorry Sam, that’s going follow you for a while - my friend), the band formed in 2006. However, Vile and bandmates Will Donahue (backing vocals, drums), Paul Donahue (bass) and Jared Pennington (lead guitar) have been creating music for over a decade now ever since they first met in church at a very young age. Vilebred released their debut album Kamikaze Blues on West Chester’s Kind of Columbian Records last year, which also featured backing vocals from the Sisters3. Having been influenced by “demented older siblings”, you can tell Sam’s songwriting flows in the same vein, but generational gaps also help separate the brothers’ musical tastes. So blank out everything that I just said, and simply take a listen for yourself. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman


Public Jones at the Silverlake Lounge, Feb. 3rd

Commenting on a strange world from their burning observation deck, Public Jones fills its groove-based electronic art rock with crunchy guitars, cinematic imagery, and 80’s synth pop elements, jumping instantly from moody melodic pop to aggressive overdriven emotion -- fueled by alienation, cynicism, and a desire to understand. Just crowned winner of the 2010 Best Alternative Artist at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and having a recent video pick of the week in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the band will stop at the Silverlake Lounge on Thursday, February 3rd at 9PM, to open for War Tapes.

-From the Open Blog


The Caribbean Prepares to Release New Album

The Caribbean

I keep hearing The Caribbean's music described as "Avant-garde" or maybe "Avant-Pop." Certainly, the title seems to fit the music on a lot of levels. There are raspy vocals recounting narratives that don't quite go anywhere in that very postmodern kind of way, there are uncommon chord changes that can remind you of late 20th century orchestral music, there are drones and echoes and backwards guitars played and recorded on a mixture of modern and vintage equipment. But, to my ears, something about that "Avant-garde" label just doesn't seem to quite fit. 

The term usually carries an implied context that what you are about to hear was written only for the enjoyment of other musicians, or at least for a well-trained ear. When I first heard The Caribbean's music, that was not my impression at all. Instead, I found it relaxing and casually familiar in a way that makes me want to make a mix tape for a mid-summer evening on the beach. 

Certainly, if you take the time to really listen to their music, you will find layers and layers of complexity -  musically, lyrically and emotionally. But, The Caribbean has managed to produce music that both the thinking man's musician and the casual music lover can appreciate together.

The band's fifth album, Discontinued Perfume, is scheduled to be released by Hometapes on February 22. They've released their first single from the album, "Mr. Let's Find Out," as a free download. The song was inspired by Leonard Bernstein. Or rather, by a New Yorker article on Leonard Berstein. Or rather, by the way that article made The Caribbean feel when they reflected on it. I know, I know. We're slipping back into Avant-garde territory. But, don't fret about it. Just relax, listen and pretend that winter is already over.

P.S. If the single teaser track isn't enough for you, The Caribbean has also released a free-to-download 12 song, 8 year retrospective here


The Caribbean - Mr. Let's Find Out


NYC Hip Hoppers Argotec play at Sullivan Hall, 02.03

The Brooklyn two-piece Argotec, consisting of rapper Alex Argot and producer/engineer Defpotec, combines forces to generate chaotic soundscapes heralding an imminent apocalypse. Defpotec engineers beats that blip with Squarepusher frenzy and honk like an ethereal goose born from one of Mike Patton’s recurring nightmares. Argot’s deep vocals plow through these rocky rhythms with staccato rants on all manner of topics from current political turmoil to personal emotional rants. Though Argot’s flow can be inconsistent at times, his style and charisma generally make up for it. The screamo influence paired with staunch independent hip hop ideology makes for an interesting if not bi-polar listening experience. Argotec is not dance music; however if your headphones need a good workout on your daily commute, it’s a worthwhile download. If you prefer the direct impact of a live performance instead, the band has a busy live schedule, check them out at Sullivan Hall on February 3rd. - BrokeMC


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